10 of the Worst Types of Colleagues You’ll Have to Work With


You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your work colleagues.

Throughout your working life, you’re bound to come across some irritating colleagues some of which are a little annoying and a small handful seem unbearable.

Below are 11 of the worst types of people you can encounter at work. How many of them are currently in your office?

1. The Micromanager

Micromanagers are quite common in the workplace. They’re the people that ask you to complete a task but then continuously interfere and try to take control. You’ll probably wonder why they didn’t just do it themselves in the first place.

2. The Whinger

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Do you have that one colleague who is always negative and could successfully bring down the mood of even the most positive co-workers? They’re the whinger. The like to moan and complain about pretty much anything and are skilled at pointing out problems.

3. The Slacker

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Slackers are the people in your team that seem to have the unique talent of looking like they are doing something while actually doing nothing. You’ll spot them taking an unusual amount of breaks, a long time in the loo (probably playing games) and pretending to talk about work.

4. The Office Gossip

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The office gossip seems to be the first to know about everything and everyone. They’ll give you the insider information on the latest office romance and who’s rumoured to be getting sacked. You shouldn’t always trust what’s going around the rumour mill though.

5. The Brown-noser

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The brown-noser always wants to be the boss’ favourite and has a knack for making everything good seem like their idea. You might hear them jesting with senior team members and boasting about their success in close proximity to their manager.

6. The Oversharer

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There’s often that one colleague that has to tell you too much information about their personal life. You think they should save their confessions for their diary but you can’t help but listen. They may also be prone to getting emotional from time to time, particularly after a few too many drinks at the Christmas party.

7. The Hothead

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You’ll know a hothead by their fiery temper. They are unable to deal with anything calmly and often get angry and red-faced when flustered and stressed. A hothead can be a scary person to work with and you may want to steer clear when they’re in an unpredictable rage.

8. The Over-worker

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Do you have a co-worker that always seems to have bitten off more than they can chew? They’ll be constantly flustered and stressed-out and they’ll be working late a lot. They’re a reminder that you can work harder, but surely working that hard can’t be healthy!

9. The Mouthpiece

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The mouthpiece is the person that just seems to like the sound of their own voice. They’ll talk a lot in meetings, in conversation, in presentations or basically any time at all. The worst part is when what they have to say isn’t particularly helpful or interesting.

10. The Snitch

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This one is pretty self-explanatory. The snitch is the person who has no qualms with dropping their colleagues in it. They’ll be watching your social media and landing you in trouble if you fake a sickie.


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