3 Tools to Determine What You Should Be Getting Paid


According to our 2017 Job Market Report, salary is the number one reason why employees are in pursuit of greener pastures. Maybe it’s your first job out of college and you were so excited at the opportunity to work in graphic design, so you took the first job offer that came along without negotiating your salary. And now, after chatting with other design professionals, you realize you are substantially underpaid. How can you avoid this mistake in the future?

Whether you’re in the process of switching careers or you’re curious to know what you should be getting paid, it’s important to be equipped with the best tools for determining how to do so. Below are 3 of our favourite resources.

1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is increasingly becoming an indispensable resource for job seekers. From their blog posts, to email newsletters, and employer reviews, Glassdoor certainly has their finger on the pulse of the job market.

They do a wonderful job of including the national salary average of the job title you search, as well as the average for your city.  There’s even a section called “Know Your Worth” where they offer a free salary estimate based on your experience and the state of the job market.

If, for example, you really want to work for a specific company, you can easily search that company on Glassdoor for a salary review of the job title you wish to apply for. However, if you discover the salary the company offers is below your requirements, you may end up reevaluating whether you want to work for that company in the first place.

Job seekers should also utilize the company reviews to get a better idea of potential growth, promotion frequency, and company culture. Between all the various offerings, Glassdoor goes far beyond just a salary resource. They provide real insight from real people. It doesn’t get much better than that!

2. 24 Seven Salary Calculator

This past year, 24 Seven released its highly anticipated new website and with the new site came some new features such as the Salary Calculator. 24 Seven’s Salary Calculator calculates the salary of job titles ranging from Content Manager to Front End Developer.

Unlike some other resources you may find, 24 Seven’s Salary Calculator is based on real data collected from the organization’s top recruiters, candidates, and clients. The calculator gives you a range of salaries from the low-end and high-end industry average, which gives you an accurate idea of where you fall.

The calculator also allows you to search broadly by industry (i.e. marketing) or more specifically by title (i.e. Email Marketing Manager) which gives you flexibility in your search. 24 Seven also offers an inside look at the state of the job market while offering helpful tips for job seekers through their blog posts and YouTube videos.

Check out the salary calculator today and browse their recent job openings!

3. Indeed

Unlike the other two resources, Indeed shares popular companies and job titles which gives the user an idea of what other people are searching for. Once you search the title whose salary you wish to know, you can then refine your search by location. Then, a regional average salary will appear which is based on findings that have been most reported within Indeed.

Indeed also goes beyond to share specific companies related to the job title you searched plus their salaries. Not to mention they do a salary comparison based on your location versus the national average.

Ultimately there are many factors that determine what you should be getting paid. Experience level, job title, company, location, and state of the job market but the tools above are a great place to start in figuring that out.

About the author: Brittany Johnston is Marketing Assistant at 24 Seven. Start your salary search with their salary calculator and see where you fall in your industry!


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