8 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship in 2019


Most if not all relationships usually go through phases. Normally, there will be those times that are good as well as other times that are equally challenging and downright bad. When you notice that your relationship might be taking a turn for the worst, don’t fret. All can be made right once again. It’s not luck that makes a great relationship. There’s actually a series of specific actions and skills that can help you strengthen your relationship and we’re going to get into a few of them in this article. Below are the 8 ways you can make your relationship stronger in 2019.

1. Create Sharing Opportunities

This sounds rather obvious, no? Anyway, one of the most effective ways you can make your relationship stronger is by creating, sharing opportunities between you and your loved one. Maybe you’re a cut-throat corporate lawyer and your significant other a content creator. Both these extreme professions might not allow you adequate time to meet and bond with each other. However, if you can manage to take a positive spin on this, then you might just be able to give yourselves the fantastic opportunity of getting to share exciting stuff with each other.

2. Your Relationship Should Be Made Top Priority

A relationship is very similar to a living thing. It either keeps growing and lives or it dies. Relationships tend to flourish and grow when you’re nurturing as well as investing time in them. When you come across a struggling relationship, the most common cause for this is simply the fact that it may have been neglected. To make a struggling relationship stronger you’ll need to make that particular relationship a top priority, ensuring you spend enough time and energy working on it.

3. Appreciating And Supporting Each Other

A relationship is like a climb you’re doing together. When you notice your significant other struggling with their load, you’re the primary individual positioned to be able to help the other out. When the burden is relieved, in turn, your partner will return the favor when you’re the one that can’t bear it anymore. Your both there to hold each other up in times of need and this eventually translates into a strong and loving relationship. You need to make sure you do this as often as you can.

4. Avoid Derogatory Comments, Belittling And Insulting Remarks

The words out of your mouth can prove very powerful. When you put your relationship or your partner down you’ll normally end up causing some serious damage. Try breaking those habits that help damage your relationship. Especially in those moments where you find yourself feeling disappointed and frustrated. Try as much as you can to always use words that show hope, love and respect towards your partner.

5. Don’t Stonewall

The passive-aggressive tactic of stonewalling may seem neutral, but in reality, it can prove extremely damaging. Whenever you refuse to participate, stall or ignore you’re basically stonewalling. It’s usually a power-play designed to break the opposition down. As Sheila Moon from Psychic2Tarot.com explains, every relationship is unique and needs advice customized to the individual. However, stonewalling is a no-no for every relationship

6. Avoid The Desire To Change Or Fix Your Partner

The “Choice Theory” by William Glasser teaches us that in order to change your relationship or any for that matter, first, you’ll need to accept fully that you can only change yourself. The sooner you manage to fully accept this truth, the sooner you both can start healing and growing together. Most sane humans longed not only to be loved, but to be accepted for who they are as well.

7. Avoid Playing The Blame Game

No one really wins in this game. However, successful you may be at blaming everything on your significant other you’ll both still end up stuck with those same problems as well as the agonizing feelings that come after. The only way you can fix all this is by fully accepting the responsibilities of the part you play.

8. Learn How To Forgive

This might just be the most important one of them all. Don’t get it twisted though. We don’t mean giving permission to your significant other to mistreat you. We just mean to accept the fact that everyone is really trying their best. When we hurt and disappoint each other it’s not always because that was what we actually wanted. Understanding this will help strengthen any relationship.


Hopefully, this article has helped you figure out what you need to do to make your relationship stronger in 2019. All these things are totally doable, aren’t they? Anyway, if you really want it then you certainly have to put in a little work.



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