9 Cool Desk Gadgets You NEED To Have


Sometimes it feels like you spend more time at your desk than you do in your own home!

Your working environment can have a big impact on your productivity and happiness at work. With that in mind, it’s important to make your desk an enjoyable place to work. Introducing some cool desk gadgets like these could jazz-up your workstation and improve how you feel at work.

LED Clock Fan

Is there anything worse than being stuck on your desk on a hot day? Being to hot and a little bit sweaty at work isn’t enjoyable for anyone – enter this cool LED clock fan!

By plugging this little fan into a spare USB port you’ll get a gentle desk breeze, plus the LED clock will help you to keep track of time! It’s flexible neck means you can position your clock fan exactly where you want it and it’s sure to catch a few people’s eyes in the office.

Handheld Portable Paper Shredder

Haven’t got the room for a full-size shredder? Get a smaller handheld one like this!

It can cut any sheet up to 4.5-inches wide into thin strips (ie. vertically folded A4 paper) and can run on four AA batteries or via a USB port.


Cable Holder/Organiser

Are you fed up with your cables falling off your desk every time you unplug them? Do you often find yourself scrambling around on the floor looking for the end of your laptop charger? These handy cable holders could be the answer!

Each clasp will hold a specific cable in place so you can keep your cables organised and easy to access.They are also useful for keeping routing cables out of sight.


Desktop USB Fridge

Are you one of those people that only like your cold drink extra cold? Who wants a tepid, room temperature beverage?

This Desktop USB Fridge is the perfect way to keep your drinks cool as you work. Ideal for the summer season!



Floating Globe With LED Lights

Ok, so this gadget won’t be all that helpful unless you regularly need to check for where countries are on the globe. However, it looks awesome on your desk!

Basically, it’s a floating globe lit up with LED lights. It floats by using a magnetic field so you may want to avoid spontaneous games of globe catch as this may result in your floating globe being not-so-floaty.

Coffee Warmer Heater

While some like their drinks chilled, many of us would struggle to make it through the working day without a hot cup of tea or coffee. But, how many times have you made yourself a nice cuppa, taken it back to your desk and then forgotten to drink it before it’s stone cold?

No one wants a luke-warm coffee and this little gadget will keep your drink hot! Simply plug it in and your drink will be kept at a lovely 40 to 60 degrees no matter how long you sit there.


Magnet Desk Decorations

Sometimes work is stressful and sometimes it is downright boring. If you simply need to take a short mental break to recuperate, this is the gadget for you.

This magnetic desk decoration consists of 221 silver balls – 50 small balls, 170 middle metal balls and one big metal ball. You can design your own structures while stimulating your brain and relieving stress.


Crap Box

Does anyone else feel like their desk turns into lots of piles of crap? Well this is the storage solution for you. Who needs to be organised when you can just gather up those doodads, documents, and whatnots, then let the miracle of four sides and a lid do the rest.

You’ll be sane and your stuff will be safe from prying eyes. After all, even your crappiest crap deserves a tidy home.



‘THE BUTT’ – Tape Dispenser and Supply Station

This ultimate novelty supply station is helpful and it’s sure to provide a few laughs! It’s the perfect gift for a colleague, or you can treat yourself to one and brighten up your desk in a functional way.

This certainly isn’t an item that will blend into the background along with everything else on your desk.




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