9 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Friday


How is your week going? Some weeks we get to Friday and think we’ve totally aced it. You’ve been super-productive, you’ve beaten your long to-do list and you’ve seen some fantastic results. However, we also have those weeks that we’re just glad to see the back of…

Whichever way your week has gone, one thing that we often neglect is looking back at and assessing our performance for the week. Professionals should be taking a leaf out of athletes’ books in this instance. Athletes will always review their weekly performance, assessing what went well, what could be improved on and what brought them the best results.

Friday is the ideal time then, for professionals evaluate their working style. Answering these questions should only you 15-minutes, but those 15-minutes could have a big impact on your success going forward.

1. What did you enjoy this week?

We spend a lot of hours at work so it’s important that we generally enjoy our jobs. Sometimes we need a little reminder of what tasks we have enjoyed and to consider how we may be able to bring more of what we enjoy into our roles.

2. What is your biggest achievement for the week?

Reaching small weekly goals and reflecting on your achievements will help you to feel positive going forward. The little wins all add up to big results.

3. How often were you bored or frustrated?

Think about what caused your boredom or frustration and how this can be minimised or improved for future weeks. If you regularly find yourself feeling frustrated or bored at work, it may be time to start exploring what other opportunities are out there.

4. How did you make an impact on others?

Think about the impact you had on anyone you came into contact with including colleagues and clients or customers. Hopefully, you will be making a positive impact on those around you, but if there were any negative incidents think about how these can be avoided.

5. What was your biggest challenge this week?

Consider your biggest challenge and how you overcame it. Perhaps your challenge will carry into next week too, so consider how you are going to tackle it.

6. Did you feel confident this week?

On a scale of one to ten, how confident were you? Having confidence and self-belief has a big impact on our success so the aim is to be feeling confident about yourself every week! If you need a confidence boost read this.

7. Did any negative thoughts hold you back?

Did you hear that little voice in your head this week saying your idea is a bad one, or you’re not good enough to take on that challenge? We often hold ourselves back by mentally talking ourselves out of things. Keep track of how often you’re doing this, and next week try to push yourself more.

8. Did you face any distractions?

Workplace distractions are a big productivity killer. Think about what you were distracted by and how you may be able to avoid or remove those distractions next week.

9. What do you want to achieve next week?

Before you head off to enjoy your weekend, spend a little bit of time planning your goals for the following week. Then you’ll be able to get stuck in on Monday feeling positive and ready to achieve more!


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