How the Increase in Alcohol Consumption has Impacted London Commuters


For many London commuters, drinking and commuting seem to go hand-in-hand, especially among the younger generation. While having a drink before work can help you feel relaxed, this habit can pose many dangers and is unprofessional. Although drinking is still harmful even while at home, the threat increases when you are in an urban area where you know few people. Read to discover how the increase in alcohol consumption has impacted London commuters.

Getting into Fights or Arrested

Unfortunately, losing control is among the top things that people experience after having some drinks. Some will also lose their polite nature. Being intoxicated while you are among the people of your culture is one thing, but some cultures will find your drunken behaviour annoying and insulting. While on the bus, you cannot be sure who you are dealing with and what they can do to you. Additionally, some drunk London commuters have often found themselves on the wrong side of the law and have even been sentenced.

Losing Important Documents

Losing your wallet can happen anywhere and anytime. However, it often happens to those who are drunk. Some may forget their office documents on the bus seat while others will lose their identification. Some have also lost documents such as their credit cards.

Vulnerability to Crime and Violence

When under the influence of alcohol, your reasoning diminishes. Taking a ride from strangers may seem like a fun way to get to where you want, but it is an easy method that criminals use to take advantage of you. Some London commuters seem to ignore the fact that sobriety is an excellent way to make reasonable decisions.


Getting drunk will quickly leave you dehydrated and can lead to severe medical risks. Some people are not used to carrying adequate amounts of water while travelling. As such, they may end up in a hospital.


While addiction may take time to happen, drinking every time you have to commute will increase your chances of becoming an addict. Additionally, the risk of developing alcohol addiction will magnify if you have to travel daily. Some people will also find it difficult to stop drinking even after they return home.

If you have developed a habit of drinking before you travel, consider seeking help. Do not feel ashamed since addiction is a disease, but you can overcome it with the right support. provides professional rehabilitation to addicts. However, you can also try to stop that habit on your own. When your train or bus delays, you may feel the urge to open a few beers before travelling tom make your journey enjoyable. Instead of giving up on the call, explore some alternatives. You can try some mindfulness meditation to clear your head or sit and enjoy the moment. If you think you have to drink after a meal, you can try some fresh juice instead.

Not only will you avoid the dangers of commuting while drunk, but you will also prevent hangovers and be able to appreciate every experience in your life.


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