How to Become a Fluent English Speaker


Having command over English is both a necessity and a useful trait. Considering how popular and useful this language is the world over, being proficient in it has unlimited advantages. You are able to confidently articulate your thoughts, connect with other native speakers and also progress in your career.

Everyone is looking to gain mastery over English for their own purpose. There are also various ways that one finds that can help you achieve the goal. Though, only some methods manage to bring the desired result. If you are also keen to speak, write and understand English really well then have a look at the following tips:

1. Enrol in a class  

To learn this language properly, it’s best you take the help of a professional. English has its intricacies and gaining an understanding of grammar is important. A good English language course can be really useful here as it can provide you with the necessary knowledge. Building a core and foundation is integral to learning any language and English is no different.

2. Listen

It is scientifically proven that what you hear or see has more impact on you than what you read. While reading is important to build basics but it is necessary to listen to different mediums. You can tune into English speaking channels, hear phonetic sounds and or just watch movies and shows in the language. This will also teach you how native speakers express themselves.

3. Make mistakes 

No one can become proficient at anything in the course of a few days. Learning a new language is not that easy and you will make some mistakes initially. This is why it’s good to communicate both verbally and in writing as often as you can. Don’t let the fear of making mistakes deter you from using the language in your daily life. Rather it is only through your errors that you will learn better.

4. Think in English 

A major hurdle that people face while learning to speak in English is that they continue to think in their native tongue. This prevents one from becoming a fluent speaker. When you think in another language, it breaks your flow and you end up converting your thoughts into English. This hampers sentence construction and you end up with an inaccurate composition. It also destroys fluidity in your English speaking.

5. Read a lot 

Inculcating the habit of reading is anyways very useful and can help you build up your vocabulary. This intellectual pursuit can shape your personality and at the same time help you speak English really well. You will also be able to build better sentences and use a larger variety of words this way. It is also useful in improving grammar.

6. Jot down your thoughts

Make it a point to write your thoughts on any given topic at least once a day. This will help you exercise both your speaking and writing skills. Write down your view or experience on any issue of your choice. Let your thoughts flow and later read them out loud to yourself. This is a great practice to help you think, write and speak in English.


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