Brain-Training Board Games You Need to Try


While video games are now more popular than ever, providing entertainment and joy to millions around the world, it is board games that truly offer a challenging experience for your brain. You definitely should keep playing video games and enjoy their aesthetics and highly entertaining storylines, but if you want some mental exercise, then board games are what you need. They also offer a pretty entertaining experience that can sometimes trump even video games, with complex stories and fascinating gameplay. If you have no idea where to start, these are some board games that you need to try. 


This is a fascinating game that can accommodate up to 5 players, with a very intriguing storyline. Each player has a host of army units that they take turns controlling, and you want to take over territories and protect the ones you already have. It doesn’t just stop there; you might also need to form alliances to fortify your existing strongholds and increase your chances of winning the game. This is basically the closest you will ever get to being an army general. This game is also great because it forces you to make a mental effort since it’s all about strategy, and you need to have excellent decision-making skills.


Scrabble is one of the most entertaining board games there is, and it is one that will require a lot of attention and focus on your side so you could come up with words with what letters you have. Unfortunately, this is not always easy and you might need some help. As you’ll understand if you click here, you can use an unscramble tool or anagram solver to help you find possible words that you can use. Scrabble can be played by anyone, and it is a great mental exercise and a highly exciting game at the same time.

Settlers of Catan

This is another unique board game that heavily relies on strategy and critical thinking. Each of the players is a settler on the island of Catan, and your goal is to become the dominant force on the island. You can do that by gathering resources like wood, brick, and grain so you could build cities and roads, not to mention settlements. All players are settled on the board, which is a map of Catan. The game requires intricate skills –– from negotiation abilities, so you could trade for resources, to critical thinking to analyze the best way to move forward and gain the upper hand against the other settlers.


If there is one board game befitting of the times we’re living in right now, it is Pandemic. This entertaining board game requires players to actually work together to achieve good results, unlike many similar board games. There are four deadly diseases spreading across the world, and players are divided into different roles that could help find an answer to the problem. Each player will have the role of a medic, dispatcher, scientist, operations expert, or researcher, and you all need to work together to find a cure before the diseases take over the world. This game taps into your problem-solving skills and forces you to think out of the box, and it is also quite fun because you all work together as a team.

Cashflow 101

Cashflow 101 was invented by one of the world’s leading financial experts, and it is supposed to teach you the basics of finances. The objective of the game is to move you from one of its tracks to the other one –– the more you learn about finances and understand that world, the faster you will move from the rat race and into the fast track. You will learn the difference between liabilities and assets, how to create an income statement, and so much more, which makes this game great for your brain as well as your finances that will definitely benefit from this knowledge. 


This is a fun and exciting game that will pit you against your friends or family in the funniest way possible. Players have two decks of cards –– nobles and actions. You get points by sending nobles to the guillotine, but this can be disrupted if another player uses their action card, which can also help you steal cards from other players. The result is mayhem and a lot of fun with unexpected results. 

Board games, as you can see, aren’t just about giving you a mental exercise, though they do serve that function perfectly. They will also entertain and perhaps inspire you. One thing is for sure, if you are having a game night with friends or family, board games will definitely keep everyone entertained and happy. 


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