How to Build a Career as a Freelancer


The emergence of internet technology has created a platform where people can trade their skills. As technology continues to undergo advancement, more opportunities keep on cropping up for creative individuals. The culture of working for government departments and corporate organizations continues to diminish as more people are keen to navigate their careers as freelancers.

Unlike in the past, freelance platforms provide limitless career opportunities, where individuals can earn according to their ability and skills. Another exciting aspect of being a freelancer is that you can work remotely with clients in various parts of the world.

Here’s how to succeed as a freelancer;

1. Formulate Short-term and Long-term Goals

Like other fields, it isn’t easy to thrive as a freelancer if you don’t set short-term and long-term goals. Since the freelance platform makes you the boss, it’s easy to get distracted because no one monitors your activities. It’s through goals that you can manage your time and earn more than individuals doing contemporary jobs.

Since you aren’t employed, your primary goal should be as many clients as you can serve for job stability. Another objective should be to keep on polishing your skills to offer quality services for more earnings. In doing so, you are able to give excellent results in a timely manner. You would also be raising your value as a freelance as time goes by.

2. Be Willing to Network 

Since the freelance industry boasts of numerous opportunities, they mainly favour the prepared minds. Launching a career as a freelancer is like starting a business from scratch, so it calls for networking to link with prospective clients. Platforms like LinkedIn have proved valuable for entrepreneurs seeking to connect to a broader community. 

Even though most people underestimate social media platforms, they’ve proved to be powerful tools for networking. Whether you use Twitter or Facebook, the client you’re hunting for might be on your timeline.

3. Embrace the Use of Freelance Platforms

Once you’ve built your portfolio to match your expertise, you can consider shopping for platforms that may have clients requiring your skills. Most beginners have launched their freelance careers using Upwork and make a killing out of it. The platforms are often not easy to navigate because several people offer what you bring, so brace up for stiff competition. However, being unique and observing work ethics can give an edge over your rivals.

4. Identify a Profitable Niche

Even if you lack varied skills to perform multiple tasks, you’ll find what suits you in freelancing platforms. It’s worth noting that what works for someone well might not necessarily spur you to success. The best thing is to identify an appropriate niche that can offer you consistent job opportunities.

Content writing is a popular aspect of freelancing that accommodates millions of enthusiasts. If you’re skilled in graphic works, you’ll get endless gigs that will finance your activities. Affiliate marketing is another area that is witnessing remarkable growth for freelancers.

5. Set Strategic Pricing

Now that you’ve quit your job to focus on freelancing activities, you need to set your prices based on the quality of services that you offer. Most people prefer showing clients the cost of their occupations calculated hourly. It’s essential to set prices that accord you the comfortable lifestyle you deserve. Remember, choosing to overcharge for your services will see prospective clients abandon you for your rivals.

When establishing your prices, it’s necessary to monitor the cost your competitors feature for the same service. Fixing lower prices may make some clients doubt the quality of your work.

6. Consider Building a High-quality Portfolio Website

Without an online presence, it isn’t easy to win high-end clients who focus on reputation ahead of other factors. With a high-quality portfolio website, you can showcase what you can do and the previous clients you’ve worked with. A website also tells your target clients the period you’ve offered your services.

As a beginner, you can flourish even if you don’t have a website, but an online presence is necessary. A beginner can choose to publish articles on reputable sites such as and Quora, where some clients scout for potential service providers.

The ongoing pandemic that Coronavirus has brought has shown the world why it’s essential to consider as an equal employment platform. As various global industries face shutdown, the freelance platform is witnessing the influx of people who want to earn income from their homes’ comfort.

Freelancing has created a platform where buyers can promptly obtain services and products hassle-free. The best part is that all disciplines are accommodated under freelancing, making it convenient for everyone to excel.


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