5 Common Career Stereotypes You MUST Abandon


Every society is made of stereotypes concerning different areas of life. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising when you come across a number of them during your career. As a matter of fact, as a job-seeker or working class person, it’s important that you are aware of some of these stereotypes. Some of them have become so ingrained in everyday topics that they can easily pass as the unspoken truth. And sadly some people tend to believe them.

However, if you want to climb higher on your career ladder, then you should be ready to break some of these stereotypes along the way. But first you need to be able to recognise what they are.

Here is a list are of the most common career-related stereotypes that you should abandon:

1. The Boss Is Always Right

It’s one thing to respect your boss, but it’s something else to treat them as mini-gods. Remember, bosses are also human beings and that means they can also make mistakes. Therefore, quit beating yourself up if your boss seems to make decisions that you think are wrong from time to times. Don’t judge them harshly as well, remember it takes a team to scale heights. So do your part by avoiding office gossip and be prepared to give your opinion and discuss issues when necessary.

2. You Should Only Relate With Individuals In Your Profession

It’s good to prioritize work relationships with those in the same profession as you. However, that shouldn’t mean that you sideline all those in different professions. Remember life is all about networking and it’s very important, especially when it comes to building and progressing your career. When working, you interact with all kinds of people, therefore maintaining an active connection with others will not only expand your knowledge but also open doors for your ventures.

3. All Millennials Are Great At Social Media

In this digital era, it’s very easy to assume that every young person knows what they are doing when it comes to anything related to social media. This often isn’t the case. According to Keep Me Posted, hiring managers can make use of online job platforms to reach out to various qualified job seekers. Therefore, as a recruiting manager, you don’t have to fall victim to the common assumption that any young person you hire or already have in your team can comfortably manage your company’s social media channels.

4. Workplace Dieting Is For Everyone

There are many areas of life that cross over into the office and one of the most common is weight loss, dieting and remaining healthy. Most individuals find themselves in the crossroads of trying to achieve a given “acceptable” body weight. Remember, it’s still okay to lose and gain weight at some point. So don’t stress yourself over it. After all, weight doesn’t define your career success.

5. Millennials Are Simply Lazy And Love Shortcuts

While it might be true that some employees in their 20s aren’t patient enough to achieve career success through sheer handwork, it’s totally unfair to assume that all millennials are that way. There are some who work hard and deserve those early-given promotions. There are also those who are ready to take up extra responsibility to prove themselves from the word go. Learn to differentiate.

Stereotypes are here to stay. Therefore, it’s your duty to ensure that the ones in your line of work won’t become obstacles to your growth. You can do this by becoming aware of them and working towards finding solutions.


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