How to Create Business Presentations that Stand Out


When you’re creating a business presentation it is important that you are able to make it stand out. While it is true that the goal of the presentation may be to convey certain information – it is only going to be able to accomplish that if the audience is paying attention.

If your business presentation stands out enough to command the attention of your audience and engage them – that’s a win. Granted this is a lot easier said than done, but there are a few ways that you can get off to a good start.

Make sure your presentation is tightly focused

The problem with many presentations is that they are too general, and so naturally nothing about them really stands out. Ideally your presentation should be tightly focused around a single core point – or possibly 2-3 points at very most.

Use the right visuals

If your presentation is predominantly a series of bullet points or (worse) a wall of text, you’re not going to get very far. Instead, you should take advantage of the visual nature of presentations to put your points across more effectively. Of course it is important that you use the ‘right’ visuals – so when using any visual ask yourself: Is this the best way to visually represent the information?

Incorporate short videos

Videos are being used much more frequently in business presentations – and for good reason. Nothing else really compares to videos in terms of pure engagement levels, so you should take advantage of that in your presentations. Just remember that you should always make sure the videos that you use are short and accentuate the presentation rather than drown it out.

Try to create an appealing but consistent design

Overall your presentation should definitely look appealing – but at the same time, it should be consistent as well. One way to start is to choose 3 core colours that you will use for the various elements in your presentation slides, and come up with a simple design for the titles, text, and visual elements accordingly that can be used throughout the presentation.

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