How Do You Know If Your Child’s School Is Safe?


Our children’s safety is our prior concern; we make sure they eat healthy meals, spend less time watching TV and stay away from suspicious people in the neighborhood. That is all easy to do since they’re in our sight, but how can we protect them and keep them safe while they’re away, especially at school? While it is the principal’s responsibility to ensure kids’ safety, there are a few tips every parent should know to make sure they choose the safest school for their offspring. That’s why we will introduce you to great ways that will help you know if your kids’ school is safe.

Security Systems

Back in the day, technology was not that involved in every detail of our lives, if involved at all, but now we depend entirely on it, especially when it comes to security. The idea of having a security guard at school gates to monitor visitors is not secure enough; security software systems can be an adequate replacement. Many schools now depend on Inventry’s visitor management solutions to keep students safe and secure. The software incorporates webcams, visitors’ ID passes facial recognition and a lot more to ensure the safety inside the school. If your local school doesn’t have such software yet, then you may want to encourage them into getting one.

Emergency Procedure

A school’s principal and staff should share an emergency plan with parents should something dangerous happen while students are inside the building. The plan should also be shared with the students themselves to be aware of what needs to be done in such situations. The school handbooks should have security plans and emergency phone numbers included, also students must be educated on what they have to do in case they need to use them.

School Location

Many schools can implement security plans and systems, yet ignore important matters like surrounding dangerous neighborhoods. Before you send your child to a reputable school, make sure you check its surroundings. You want to guarantee that the school is not located next to hazardous materials or lab equipment that can be dangerous to your child. Also, you want to have a close look inside the school itself to ensure that security precautions are taken like playground fences and clean and bright rooms with no hidden dark corners.

Health Regulations

As a parent, you should be fully aware of what your child’s school will do in case he falls sick. You want to know if there are available nurses and doctors on school premises and how trained they are. Also, you can check if the school aligns with a specific hospital in case a student requires immediate medical attention and how fast the school contacts and informs parents with any information.

There isn’t anything more precious than our children’s safety and comfort that we as parents do our best to provide. When we send them off to school, it’s always hard because it’s a new environment where we don’t know how well they will adjust. The least we can do in this situation is to fully inspect and research the school to give ourselves peace of mind while our kids are away. If it’s time to send your little ones to school, make sure you apply the above tips to guarantee their safety.


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