How Playing Video Games Can Improve Your Career


There is good news for those who enjoy playing video games when they get home from work. There is now solid research showing that playing these games can actually help to improve your performance as well as work; and in doing so, can help you have a successful career.

Games such as multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and Fortnite; which require players to be a part of a team and also sometimes lead a team, can help to improve both team working abilities and also leadership skills. It is in fact these skills which can really assist in career progression and are extremely vital in the workplace. World of Warcraft even encourages more advanced players to develop ‘apprenticeship’ arrangements and spot and nurture talent within newer players. This is a skill that is definitely useful within your career, if anyone desires to become a manager or a leader and develop others in the team.

Video games also teach you to not give in if you fail the first time and to continue trying until you achieve success. If you fail to pass a level or meet an in-game objective you will try again until you succeed, something which can be taken into the workplace to really give you a winning mentality.

Something you always need to be able to do to succeed in almost any career is to be able to improvise within a situation and sometimes make the most out of what you have. Many different video games, whether that be a football one, a racing one or an RTP shooting game will sometimes require improvisation and you to develop your own strategy to succeed. You will also need to often identify patterns and capitalize upon them, as well as solve problems in the majority of games you play, all of which are skills that will really benefit your career.

If you want to become a leader at work, you will need to be able to remain calm in highly pressurized situations and in some instances make quick decisions. Playing a variety of different games will often require you to have, or indeed develop these abilities in order to succeed. As a result, gaming will really help you to develop a skill set that can help everyone be a success at work.

Believe it or not, it really is true that many of the skills you will develop from playing almost any kind of game at all will really help you with your career. Even a very simple well-known game such as bingo comes with potential benefits to your career. Bingo will especially help those in the later stages of their career continue to prosper in different ways. So, it is by no coincidence that mFortune’s bingo service is so popular and continues to be a hit with all players. Bingo helps to generate mental stimulation, keeps the brain active, as well as improving concentration and short-term memory; all of which will be very useful at work.

The enjoyment of playing games ultimately means that the player can create feel good endorphins, which will make the player a happier person and more enjoyable company; meaning that their workmates will also see the benefits. So the next time your boss asks you to stop playing games during your lunch break; be sure to tell them that you are doing it for the company to be a success!


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