How to Balance Out Your Family Life and Career


Single careerists often wonder how others manage to combine work, family, and children. They are also curious to know how to have everything and keep up on all fronts. Of course, there is no definite answer to this question – after all, each person builds their own life in different ways, but some tips that will help you find harmony in life can still be given.

Hope and confidence

The first step towards a balanced life is true aspiration and confidence that you will succeed. Do not try to make excuses for yourself, saying that having created a family, having a partner, or having given birth to children, you will have to completely abandon independence, career, friends, and social life. To achieve balance is to combine your old life and a new one and not to exchange one for another. If you really want it, then go ahead! Nothing can stop you except yourself.

Get children but do not give up

Most people are afraid that with their children they will have to postpone career plans or even bury them. This fear is also associated with a lack of self-confidence. Like a partner, children can easily fit into your life.

Today, thanks to laptops and mobile phones, people have the opportunity to fully or partially work at home, so discuss this issue with your employer. Consider all the options and opportunities – do not quit your career just because your baby is on the way.

For most people, it is impossible to imagine what it means to quit a career and just sit back to watch after children. They will not have enough activity and incentive that they live and breathe at work. Fortunately, for those who want to combine everything – both career and family – there are plenty of opportunities, like part-time work, flexible working hours, and remote work via the Internet or by phone. Think of all the policewomen that cannot just quit their job for good; they have to adapt in order to balance out their families and careers.

Find an understanding partner

When choosing a partner with whom you want to share your entire life, consider their traits character, lifestyle, and goals – think about what kind of person would be harmonious by your side. Is a career important to you? Then make sure your partner respects your aspirations and understands that you should devote time to your career. Consider whether your partner’s moral, ethical, religious views go against your goals. For life, choose a partner whom you will respect and with whom you will get along and not the one with whom you will face constant quarrels and disagreements.

Compatibility in other aspects of life – in intimate life or sharing a sense of humor – is just as important as the fact that your partner’s habits, interests, and hobbies do not irritate you.

Do not forget to consider joint plans for the future. If you plan to have children, make sure that your desires are mutual. You can always sell a house or a car, but children are forever. You have to give them your love and attention for the rest of your life.

Be a happy couple

If you have already found a suitable partner and decided to build a joint future, take marriage responsibly and consider how this may affect your career and how your life will change. Respect each other’s career aspirations, learn to listen and advise in making serious career decisions, and support during conflicts.

Harmonize your life at home, respecting everyone’s personal time. If your partner needs to work, do something interesting for yourself at this time. If both of you had a difficult day, having come home, talk to each other for half an hour, and then rest an hour or two separately. Maybe you want to watch TV and would much rather prefer to play some video games – whatever your hobbies are, give each other some personal space and time to enjoy them.

Perfect harmony in marriage means respect, trust, attention, love for each other, justice in relationships, and the ability to forgive. You have to enter the circle of your partner’s acquaintances, perform some duties related to work and career, as well as participate in joint hobbies and recreation. You also have to learn how to allocate time to communicate with each other, always leaving personal time for yourself.

A happy marriage is hard work, but work is rewarded, as are your aspirations for career growth. If you choose a suitable life partner and treat your marriage seriously and with love, devote yourself to your partner, and give respect, you will be happy and you will succeed.


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