How To Be Brilliant: Discover 5 Habits of Smart People


Brilliant people such as Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Thomas Edison changed the world, but did you know that they also share a number of strikingly similar habits?

While you may not have a sky-high IQ and you wouldn’t describe yourself as a genius, you can develop the same habits that helped many great inventors, scientists and musicians on their road to success. You can be brilliant too!

Discover the habits that help smart people be brilliant

Be brilliant infographic

How to be brilliant

If you’re wanting to achieve more and better yourself, developing these 5 habits will help you to be more successful.

  1. Be persistent. We all have to face setbacks and failures in our lives, but the most successful people know how to learn from their mistakes, bounce back and persist with their goals.
  2. Set goals. Setting yourself clear goals and writing them down with a set timescale will help you to achieve more.
  3. Read more. Reading has a whole host of benefits that will contribute to your success. Reading more will help you to improve your communication skills and vocabulary, it will enhance your problem-solving skills and help you refine your focus.
  4. Be self-disciplined. Maintaining your motivation and sticking to your schedule isn’t easy, but it is important if you want to be brilliant.
  5. Think about thinking. Being self-aware is super important if you want to make the most of your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Take time to assess where you are and what you know, then you’ll be able to better decide your next steps.

Avoiding the bad habits

While smart people also have a number of bad habits in common, such as excessive drinking and drug use, we can confidently assert that these will not make you any smarter. In fact, habits like these are more likely to damage your health and mental capabilities so steer clear of them.


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