12 Inspirational Speakers You Need to Watch


Feeling motivated, inspired and adopting the right mindset has a huge impact on your success. These 12 inspirational speakers certainly know that and they can help!

In both your professional and personal lives it can be difficult to feel inspired every day. Any number of things could be holding you back. You may feel that you’re not up to the challenge ahead of you, that you have lost sight of your end goal or you may not have a clear vision.

Whether it’s one of those days, weeks or years where things just aren’t going your way, watching these inspirational speakers will help you to make a positive change!

1. Damian HughesDamian Hughes liquid thinker


Professor Damian Hughes combines his practical and academic background within sport, organisation and change psychology to work as a trusted adviser to the business, education and sporting elite. He helps to create high performing cultures.

Damian is also the author of six best-selling books, including Liquid Thinking, Liquid Leadership and How to Change Absolutely Anything and How to Think Like Alex Ferguson.

Take a look at one of his inspiring talks below where he discusses how leaders and managers should define and manage talent.

2. Chris BrindleyChris Brindley


Chris Brindley is a dynamic and highly credible speaker. As the former MD of Metro Bank, his vast experience and insight of changing cultures within large organisations, private, public and charity, sets him apart. He stimulates audiences into thinking differently about the road ahead, providing powerful, yet simple tools to create confidence and motivation that can be put into action immediately and produce long lasting benefits.

Check out this clip of Chris igniting the passion with Rounders England!

3. Caspar BerryCasper Berry


Casper Berry is a keynote and motivational speaker and trainer who uses the metaphor of poker to inspire his audiences to make better decisions in all areas of their lives.

As a former professional poker player, managing risk formed a constant part of Casper’s life for many years. In the last decade, he has delivered over 1,200 speeches and seminars to people working for the world’s best companies including Google, IBM, Esso, KPMG, Orange, ASDA Walmart and Visa that have enriched their understanding of the way in which they manage risk and take decisions.

Get inspired today by watching Casper’s talk on risk taking and decision making below.

4. Blaire PalmerBlaire Palmer


Blaire Palmer is at the forefront of new thinking about what it means to lead in the 21st century. In her keynote speeches she busts the myths of leadership and presents a model of the kinds of leaders our business, and our world, need now. She’s become a world authority on leadership and has written 3 successful books on the subject!

Based on 15 years of working with Boards and senior teams as a coach and “agent provocateur”, Blaire shares her thought-provoking ideas with audiences around the world, inspiring them to step up and drive change in partnership with their people.

Watch a snippet of one of Blaire’s talks below to discover why leaders need to create authentic human connections with their team.

5. Pete WilkinsonPete Wilkinson


Pete Wilkinson is a motivational keynote speaker who travels the UK showing people how to become Unstoppable in their business and their life. He focuses on motivating individuals to create a vision and one of his key messages is how we need to focus on being effective not just busy doing ‘stuff.’ Pete is also the best-selling published author of ‘Unstoppable’!

Take a look at this video of Pete sharing his top 5 tips for ensuring you have a good week!

6. Rachel BridgeRachel Bridge


Rachel Bridge is a motivational author and speaker specialising in personal development, smart thinking and entrepreneurship. She is also the author of 6 successful books including How to make a Million before Lunch, How to Start a business without any Money and most recently Ambition: Why it’s good to want more and How to get it.

Over the years Rachel has interviewed hundreds of successful people for her books and newspaper articles, including Simon Cowell, Judy Craymer and Peter Jones. In the process, she has gained a real insight into what makes successful people tick, what common traits they share – and most importantly what the rest of us can learn from them.

Watch this clip of Rachel speaking about some of her favourite entrepreneurs.

7. Helen Morris BrownHelen Morris


Helen Morris Brown believes that our brains hold the key to our behaviour – good and bad – which is why she is passionate about helping people to understand the ways in which their brain affects their performance at work.

In her talks, Helen shares her knowledge of the psychology of human behaviour, translating scientific theory into practical solutions for people at work. She helps audiences understand emotional and physiological responses to everyday situations, raising awareness of why we behave in certain ways: such as communicating effectively in a digital world, when we have evolved to deal only with face-to-face interactions. Audiences leave her presentations motivated to behave differently and perform better as a result.

Check out her TedTalk on ‘The psychology of communicating effectively in a digital world’ below.

8. Nick LoobyNick Looby


Nick Looby is the owner of Feet on the Ground Training, a motivational speaker, author and communication specialist. Nick inspires audiences to take action, think smarter, change behaviours and achieve greater personal and business success through the power of enhanced communication.

Over the last 10 years Nick has been responsible for assisting numerous corporate giants with their communication expertise, enabling them to deliver greater clarity, more success and essential business growth. 1000’s have heard Nick talk at conferences and seminars and he has trained teams from 100’s of the country’s leading companies including HSBC, BBC, Clarins, Proctor & Gamble and Disney.

Take a look at Nick’s fantastic TEDx talk where he speaks about breaking down communication barriers and altering your perception as to how and why powerful and impactful communication is the only way forward.

9. Lara MorganLaura Morgan


Lara Morgan is widely known for building her own leading global licensing business, Pacific Direct. Over 17 years, she made luxury toiletry products for YSL, Bulgari, Penhaligons, Aveda, The White Company, Elemis and many others. In 2008, she sold her majority shareholding for £20million.

Lara is a memorable and well-respected speaker with a practical open and approachable style. She speaks from experience and with a palpable conviction and honesty about the mistakes she has made. A powerful communicator, Lara Morgan leaves an indelible impression but always gives massive take-away knowledge, ready to apply and add significant value in any engagement.

Here Lara tells her story and shares her straightforward advice for small businesses.

10. Nigel RisnerNigel Risner


Nigel Risner is an inspirational speaker, human development specialist and peak performance coach, whose high-energy message leads individuals and organisations to incredible success. He has spent 20 years travelling all over the world motivating and inspiring delegates to take massive action in both their business and personal lives.

Nigel’s presentations are for people and companies who are looking for new information about their everyday situations, interactions, opportunities, problems and challenges.

Check out one of Nigel’s inspirational talks below where he talks about the importance of ‘being in the room’.

11. Sandro ForteSandro Forte


Sandro Forte is a hugely successful entrepreneur who has spoken in over 50 countries, sharing effective and creative strategies for business success. Sandro is an ‘ordinary guy’ who simply believes – and demonstrates day to day – that determination and a will to win are prerequisites for success. His book ‘Dare To Be Different’ has sold over 400,000 copies, across more than 60 countries – and it is now published in 8 languages!

Watch Sandro’s talk below to discover his ‘quick-wins’ for business success.

12. Marisa PeerMarisa Peer


Marisa Peer is a leading motivational speaker, celebrity therapist, columnist, author and television expert. Named Britain’s best therapist by Tatler magazine, Marisa has spent nearly three decades treating a client list that includes international superstars, CEOs, Royalty, and Olympic athletes. Her engaging and amusing talks are peppered with anecdotes from an unparalleled career in which she has helped thousands of people to overcome profound personal issues.

Check out this talk where Marisa describes a simple way to hack your beliefs, so you understand that everything is available to you.

Can you think of any other inspirational speakers? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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