Legal Professionals Can Now Work From Home, Here’s How


Are you thinking about becoming a lawyer? Perhaps you’re in the process of obtaining the necessary qualifications? You might have already begun to hear the horror stories about the standard workday for a typical legal professional.

You could have been told that lawyers are trapped in the office from early in the morning until late at night. Particularly, when they are still paying their dues and essentially earning their place in a law firm. We’re pleased to say this isn’t the case in 2019. In fact, you might find that working as a lawyer is far more flexible than you assumed.

Can You Work From Home As A Lawyer?

While you might think that you have to work from an office as a lawyer, this is no longer true. In 2019, you’ll find that there are plenty of virtual law firms that are hiring professional lawyers and allowing them to work remotely.

This isn’t surprising when you consider that by 2020, 50% of the workforce in Britain is expected to be working remotely. A virtual law firm is like any typical business except you will be able to work from wherever you want. This might include your home or perhaps a hot desk if you want to increase productivity. Virtual offices are a growing trend because they allow firms to cut costs and ensure that employees can get the flexibility they desire.

Is This Just Freelancing?

When you search the market for this type of position you should explore legal consultant jobs. Essentially, this is going to be your role in a business. You’ll be providing expert support to a firm remotely. However, it’s not completely like freelancing.

As a freelancer, you operate independently with little guidance or assistance. You will need to find your clients, handle all the jobs and processes, and ensure that you deliver a quality solution. Operating as a legal consultant, you will be working independently but, in some cases, you can operate within a full support structure.

This means that there is a team in place for everything including admin, secretarial, paralegal and IT. Essentially, you will be delivered all the tools and resources you need to perform effectively while working from home. This makes your job easier and guarantees a high standard of service for clients.

 The Big Benefits

First, you need to understand the full level of flexibility that you will have here. Some consultant jobs in virtual law firms allow you to choose your working hours. As such, you can break free of the typical 9-5 shift and operate on hours that suit you.

It is possible to work as a freelance lawyer, independent of a firm. However, you may struggle to find clients. Many clients want a firm that has all the resources, expertise and professional support solutions. It’s a competitive industry and if you struggle to gain clients, maintaining profitability will be impossible.

With a virtual law firm, the clients are provided. You will be operating as part of a trusted and reputable brand which ensures that there will be high demand for your services.

You can also say goodbye to the Monday morning commute and various other issues that plague the typical law firm. There’s no more office politics, no issues with uncomfortable work environments and no more fighting the traffic to get home in the evening. You may find that this significantly reduces levels of stress in your life.

Who Will This Be Suitable For?

If you are currently juggling a busy personal and professional life, you will find that a virtual law firm will be the right choice for you. Parents who want to be around more for their children will find this particularly beneficial. Working from home, you can always be right where they need you and you will easily be able to integrate your professional and personal schedule.

If you are not suited for life in a business building, this could also be a great option. Some people hate being stuck working around others all day while many find they have sensory issues operating in what can be an incredibly loud and rapid environment. Operating from home, you will be able to choose the perfect environment that improves productivity and increase comfort at the same time.

Why Is This Possible Now?

Virtual law firms are a growing trend that wasn’t available in the industry before because the tech could not match the requirements. Today, due to the rapid speeds and accessibility of cloud servers, instant communication apps and file-sharing platforms, virtual firms are a real option. You can have everything you need to operate as a lawyer, all in the comfort of your home.

We hope this helps you determine whether working from home as a lawyer will be the right choice.


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