Get Motivated With The Power of Planning


Did you know that happy people can be as much as 31% more productive than their downcast counterparts?

Having a plan of action each day will keep you feeling positive and motivated. It will give your productivity a boost and help you to achieve your goals so don’t underestimate the power of planning.

If you want to get motivated then follow the 5 steps below:

1. Ditch the long to-do lists

Long lists of tasks that seem to be continuously growing and never-ending understandably have a negative effect on your mood and motivation. These lists can be overwhelming and actually make you less productive, so get rid of them!

2. Set daily goals

When you are planning your workload and organising your day, set yourself some small, achievable goals. You can then allocate tasks to achieve these goals. Using this method of planning will allow you to make achievements and feel successful every day. All of your smaller goals should also keep you moving in the right direction to achieve your larger ones.

3. Small to-do lists are ok

It is useful to keep a short list of the small tasks that you need to do. These should be tasks that don’t take a lot of your time and are easy to forget. Once you’ve got the rest of your day planned you can slot some of these tasks into your schedule. Be careful not to let this list spiral into a general task mountain!

4. Plan your breaks

Scheduling breaks is just as important as scheduling tasks into your day. Even very short breaks, to grab a drink or a snack, are effective in giving you a motivation and productivity boost. If you have scheduled in breaks, make sure you take them!

5. Tie up loose ends

At the end of each working day, you ideally want to be able to switch off and relax. This is much harder to do if tasks are unfinished or problems unresolved. Planning your day properly and allocating realistic time-scales will help you to minimise these scenarios. Don’t put off the tasks you are not looking forward to, as then they will only drag on and play on your mind for another day.

With the power of planning mastered, you can achieve a lot more in a day! If you have any planning tips or secrets, please share them with us below.

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