How to Protect Your Mental Health During The COVID-19 Pandemic


We have been in a state of shock since early 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the world. COVID-19 has taken the lives of hundreds of thousand people worldwide, and with the continuous spread of this virus; the world lives in uncertainty. There might be a week where the world has low cases which might cause the government to decrease social distancing law, but then the week after the cases increase which causes the government to become more strict with social distancing.

The constant change is affecting people’s minds, and it’s not fair. Humans have noticed an increase in anxiety and depression during this pandemic, which has caused people to become suicidal. In the month of August, more people died because of suicide than the people who passed away from COVID-19; this goes to show that mental health should not be neglected. If you or anyone in your family is feeling negative or is not in the right mindset, then you must take care of your mental health.

Make sure to stay away from social media accounts which promote negative news and focus on the positives such as entertaining content, or content which teach you new skills. You can take part in meditation and clear your mind by exercising your body. Your mental health is essential, and since we are going through this pandemic, you must be cautious of your feelings and take care of any mental issues you might be experiencing.  Here’s the infographic by Rehab 4 Addiction:


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