Qualifications to Consider When Hiring Your Personal Injury Lawyer


Anything could happen in our lives that may require lawyers to become involved. One of those circumstances could be personal injuries from road accidents or on-the-job mishaps. Depending on the situation with the insurance companies or the other party involved in the road accident, you might need a professional attorney to help you get justice and the compensation which you deserve. Finding a properly licensed attorney at a reputable law firm isn’t enough. 

So, if you’re thinking of hiring one soon, here are some of the qualifications you need to be looking for when you’re searching for a personal injury lawyer. 

Their Skills

It’s important to check the skill set that an attorney has before you decide to hire them. You need certain desirable traits that can help you win your case. A great lawyer should be smart enough to anticipate what opposing counsel will do or say. They will need to be skilled enough to gather all the information needed to counter-attack anything thrown against you. They will need to come up with the right strategy based on the evidence gathered when building your case. Also, it would be great if they have stellar knowledge about all the possible judges that could oversee your case. They will know beforehand what to expect from the judge based on past lawsuits and will be prepared to finesse the judge in the event they will make the case difficult for you. Having a decent lawyer who is prepared for anything is worth it.

Their Specialization 

You should search for lawyers who specialize in personal injury. You need to have someone with knowledge about your type of case and not someone who specializes in another field handle your personal injury case. Every country in the world has lawyers with specializations, especially so here in Canada. So, before you make the decision to hire an attorney in the Nova Scotia province, make sure they specialize in personal injury law to gain the benefits that can help your case proceed smoothly. Whether you’re involved in a slip and fall, road accident, or a work-related injury, you will need the proper legal representation with experience in that specific area. It will save you time, effort, and money because your chances of winning an appeal case or getting a great sum from the insurance companies are a lot higher with an attorney that specializes in injury law.

Their Experience In Court

It’s very important to check if your potential personal injury lawyer has experience in court. You have better chances if you hire someone who’s been in a trial before and knows what to do in a personal injury trial. You need to realize that most personal injury cases settle and do not go to trial and you’ll need someone with a good track record and experience to represent you in court if your case does not settle. Some people appreciate the significance of an attorney who has experience in trial. Most insurance companies or other parties see it as a threat if they find you hired a lawyer of this caliber. You might increase your chances to get your case settled with an appealing deal that outweighs the risk of a trial.

Their Communication

Communication is crucial when it comes to your lawyer because you need a lawyer who will be available and easy to contact. It would be great if the personal injury attorney tells you about ideal times that they will be available for any questions or concerns. You need someone who will be easy to communicate with and doesn’t disappear or dodge phone calls. The lawyer may not necessarily be evasive but can have too many cases to give you the necessary attention. Some lawyers like it if you contact them via email first and then get back to you. This is acceptable as long as they do call you or answer your questions in a reasonable time. Lawyers can get very busy, but it’s nice to feel heard and appreciated. So, your legal counsel should make it easy for you to start a dialogue with them and communicate freely. 

Their Value

Many people mistake the value of a lawyer with their cheap costs and fees for doing the job, but that’s not what you should be looking for when it comes to value. Real value refers to the attorney’s capabilities of getting you the best deals and the greatest defense strategies for the fairest and the most affordable prices. It doesn’t just boil down to how much their legal representation will cost, but what they will provide you with, their legal knowledge, and skills relative to their cost. Try to find a lawyer who has an excellent track record of delivering the outcomes that every client would want. You don’t want someone who will waste your time and not give you the best type of legal representation that you deserve. 

Their Transparency

We mentioned the importance of value earlier, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore transparency when it comes to lawyers. You can’t ignore the discussion of costs or contingency fees. A good lawyer will be honest with you and tell you their exact fee without any hidden costs. The percentage of what they take is based on how much money you will receive if you win your case if taken on contingency. You need to find someone who is open about it and isn’t hiding random costs until the very end. If you feel like you found a lawyer who isn’t honest and has hidden motives, you shouldn’t hire them. Honesty and transparency are paramount; this is what you need in a good personal injury lawyer.

It’s always great to have the best legal representation to help defend you in any way possible. Personal injury cases can get messy, hectic, and are very long. The process can go a lot smoother if you have a seasoned attorney who knows what they are doing and can fight for your rights. Just remember to shop around and ask questions before you seal the deal and hire an attorney to represent you in court or negotiations with insurance companies.


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