What Size Company Should You Work For?


There are plenty of things to consider when you’re searching for a new job:

  • What kind of role are you looking for?
  • What location would you like to work in?
  • What salary would you like to receive?
  • Are there any particular benefits that are important to you?

If you’re currently job hunting, you have probably already asked yourself questions along these lines. However, one important factor that often slips the minds of job seekers is: What size company should you be working for?

Company size shouldn’t be an after-thought for job hunters because it can actually have a profound effect on your happiness at work and future career prospects. Large companies, small companies and everything in between all have positives and negatives. It can be tricky to discern which is the better, but what’s really important is to discover which is the best fit for your personality and ambitions, and when it comes to ambition, interestingly bigger isn’t always better…

What Size Company Should You Work For QUIZ

Have a go at this fantastic quiz to discover what size company is the best fit for you.


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