Infographic: UK Average Salary Statistics 2017


It’s rarely easy to breach the topic of salaries with either your current or future employer.

Where salaries are concerned, the higher you can get the better! Right? However, if you’re moving to a new company or aiming to take a step up in your current one, it’s important that you know your worth before making any demands. Discovering the UK average salary statistics should help.

What are the benefits of knowing your worth?

Knowing your stuff when it comes to salaries can:

  • Show off your research and negotiation skills
  • Help you to progress your career
  • Enable you to compare your progress
  • Ensure you’re being treated fairly and equally
  • Help with switching careers

UK Average Salary Statistics 2017

The infographic below reveals the UK average salary statistics for 2017. You can compare salaries by location, years’ experience, gender and industry.

UK average salary infographic

A point to consider

Do bear in mind that UK average salary statistics are only markers for you to compare yourself with. When thinking about your own salary there are a lot of other factors that you should take into consideration. These include annual leave, bonuses and benefits, company culture, flexible working and pension scheme.

If you’re assessing an opportunity with a new company, it’s important to weigh up more than just the salary on offer. Along with the examples above training and career progression are really important factors to consider.

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