Dressing to Stand Out in a Workplace with a Business Casual Dress Code


Today, more and more workplaces are adopting a business casual dress code. As the tech industry grows and employers realize the benefits that can be had from allowing employees to dress more casually and comfortably every day, suits, ties and pencil skirts are becoming less of the norm and it’s increasingly more common to see office workers spending their day in jeans and sneakers. Unless you work for a corporate company, the banking or legal industry, chances are that business casual is standard in your workplace at least a few days per week, even if it’s just for a ‘dress down Friday’.

So, whether you’ve just started in a new role or want to increase the impression you’re having at your current job, here’s how to wow in business casual attire.

1. Keep it Smart:

While it might be tempting to come to work every day wearing your favorite pair of jeans and a sweater because it’s perfectly acceptable, you don’t want to blend in with everybody else if you’re looking to get noticed for a promotion. As the saying goes, dress for the job that you want – not the job that you have – and this has never been more relevant as it is to a workplace with a business casual dress code. Choosing smart pieces to wear to work while keeping it casual enough that you still fit in will help to set you apart from the rest. Think smart jeans, interesting shirts or blouses, eye-catching prints and bright colors.

2. Choose Your Shoes Wisely:

Your shoes are the first thing that get noticed after your smile, for many people. And, the right pair of shoes can make or break your outfit – add a scruffy pair of shoes and your entire look will be cheapened but, on the contrary, a smart or designer pair of shoes can make even the simplest and most basic of work outfits look smart and polished. If you want to wear sneakers for work, for example, don’t just go with any old pair – Givenchy sneakers will stand out for all the right reasons and add an expensive, designer air to your outfit. You can find the Givenchy range that is perfect for a business casual workplace at SSENSE.

3. Accessories:

Similar to shoes, the accessories that you choose can make all the difference to your work outfit. If you wear jewelry, for example, keeping it simple and classy can add a graceful and sleek edge to a plain t-shirt and jeans, or a designer watch can be a simple yet elegant touch to bring your entire outfit together and create the impression that you’ve spent a lot more money on your look. If you take a bag to work, keep this smart and polished – a leather tote back or briefcase rather than a rucksack for your laptop and purse or wallet will look great with any outfit and add a smarter air to your overall appearance.

Getting the balance right with business casual, especially when you want to stand out at work, can be tricky. We hope that you found these simple outfit tips useful for your role!


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