5 Tips to Help Students Prepare For Their Careers


The beginning of the digital transformation and the accelerated progress of technology pose certain changes to our society with the labor sector advancing like never before.

Every day, thousands of job advertisements are published online. Regardless of your field, your current job profile probably does not look like it did 10 or even 2 years ago. While change is inevitable, you need to be prepared to ensure that you follow the trail of the change itself as a college student. In this article, we would like to give five tips for students to prepare for their prospective professional career.

1. Choose an emerging or growing sector

You should keep your eyes on the bigger picture to ensure that you have a role to play in your industry and in the outside world in the future. Here are some good career tips: Ask yourself if the industry in which you would like to work after graduation copes with modern problems and if it drives significant change. Consider which are the most important challenges you are going to face if you choose to work in different labor sectors.

According to a survey by the Canadian job board Workopolis.com, the sectors with the highest increase in hiring people are IT, healthcare, and data analysis. The study has highlighted the IT sphere and in particular, application and software development, customer relationship management, HTML/CSS, Unix, and JavaScript, as well as user experience design. Similarly, according to the US job exchange Monster.com, the positions that are in demand are cybersecurity managers, data specialists in the medical sector, video game designers, social media specialists and the positions in the sustainable energy sector in wind installations and in solar thermal energy engineering.

2. Become a digital expert

Thanks to the continuous growth and development of digital technology, more sales as well as interactions between human beings are made through the Internet. In order to prepare for your career path, as a college graduate it is important that you keep up with cutting-edge digital strategies and tools. Social networks, sponsored content, VR/AR are some of the new digital trends that you should stay on top of.

In addition, many of the continuous changes in the labor sector are due to the impact of technology on the processes and operations of companies whose goal is to become more refined, efficient, and global. Being an expert in all Microsoft Office programs is outdated; now you should also know how to create winning content, make people follow you on social networks, analyze large data files, code, and stay on top of latest updates. There are many full-time and part-time courses online that can help you to expand your skills and acquire new knowledge that companies today are looking for in prospective workers. If you have already found a job after college, it may be a good idea to ask the human resources department or your boss for a sponsorship so you can take a high-tech training course.

3. Consider working as a freelancer

While workplaces and labor sectors are becoming more agile and are evolving in order to achieve more streamlined operations, another way to prepare for the future is to think about working as a freelancer. The autonomous labor sector has experienced an increase in recent years and the prediction is that the number of self-employed professionals will keep increasing. The freelancing field appeals in particular to the “Y generation” that is accustomed to working in different hours as opposed to regular hours from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm combining studies and work. (Speaking of studies, students are encouraged to check out this free essay service since it can help you excel.) So the “Y generation” likes the concept of having their own business with more control over their schedules.

A study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that in 2014, 1 in every 3 professionals in the United States earned extra money from working outside the ‘9 to 5’ job and there were more than 15 million freelancers. The report also claims that professions to experience an increase in the number of self-employed workers are the home health care sector, administrative analysis, and the childcare sector.

4. Be flexible

The present generation of workers usually rejects the concept of adapting to a job, expecting the company to give them a prize for all the years they have worked at the company. On the other hand, the new generation, which includes prospective college graduates, accepts change at work and is willing to cope with emerging challenges.

The normal profile of an executive manager has changed dramatically over the past 30 years according to a study by Harvard Business School published in 2014. The executives who held the top 10 positions in all the Fortune 100 companies in 1980 were those who worked in the same company for 20 or 30 years. Currently, the number of executives with a work history profile like that has declined massively. The path to the top is not always as simple according to The Economist. However, what differentiates the candidates is still their level of education.

In addition, the Harvard study reveals that more than a third of the executives who held the top 10 positions in the Fortune 100 companies had completed an MBA at an Ivy League university. This means that it is likely that people looking for opportunities to expand their knowledge and develop new skills will remain at the forefront of the labor sector. Thus, we recommend you never stop expanding your knowledge and be careful about just working in your comfort zone.

5. Improve your skills

A master’s degree in the legal sector could improve your career prospects for many years after you graduate and open doors to positions in companies where you would love to work. Similarly, engineering graduates have a better chance of earning high salaries after graduating with a master’s degree, than graduates with a major in computer science and business. Depending on the field in which you would like to work, investing in a program of studies to improve your competencies could help you prepare better for your career, gain job security and improve your career prospects.

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Nicole Lewis is currently holding an HR position in one of the most profitable US companies. When she was young, she was struggling to get a graduate job and now she is dedicated to helping college graduates find the proper workplace. Nicole is also a writer at EduBirdie helping students to go through academic years with ease.


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