6 Important Skills For Your Teaching CV


If you’re hoping to gain a permanent position in teaching, this great infographic from StandOut CV is sure to help. With the right teaching skills on your CV, you can immediately impress those responsible for hiring you for the job. So, what skills are we talking about?

You need to show that you can plan with a fantastic attention to detail. Previous roles with planning will catch the eye of recruitment agents. As well as this, you also need to show you can manage a classroom with ideas and options for keeping a class in order and on point.

Don’t forget, as a teacher you do need to have knowledge of the subjects and level you hope to teach. Make sure this is easy to see on your CV. Of course, you’ll also need to be able to show you can monitor the progress of the children you are teaching. Whether marking exams or checking work, the ability to accurately assess information is vital.

Remember, your role as a teacher goes beyond the classroom. Give school staff evidence that you can connect with parents and show them that the performance of their child is important. Both parents and school staff also care about health and safety. So, it’s a good idea to highlight you are vigilant about welfare and safeguarding too.


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