Apprenticeships: The New Way to Start Your Career?


Have you ever been bored in school? I mean not just one aspect of it. The very idea of school bores you. Those classes that feel like it’s going to go on forever when in fact it had just been a minute. The teachers who drone on and on about their own life and not the subjects they were supposed to teach. Not to mention, the pile of paperwork that throw you into a tornado of confusion. All of this culminating to a graduation you barely want to remember, and then what? All the academics that was stuffed into your brain was gone in a flash because you cannot even apply most of it in the workplace.

We are not downgrading academic learning here, but let’s face it, being good in academics is not the be all and end all of success. Being good at mathematics does not necessarily mean you will become a great engineer, nor does being good at English make you into a good orator or writer. Being good in academics in general does not guarantee you a decent-paying job with benefits that can support yourself and your family. There are other things that can lead to that.

According to the theory of multiple intelligences, no one is stupid or a failure in learning. It is just a matter of knowing what type of intelligence one has and how to use it. Some people are musically inclined and have the potential to become a musician. Others have excellent people skills and rapport building with other individuals. Some are good with their hands and can make beautiful art pieces and crafts. It does not mean that if you failed in the four walls of the classroom, you will also fail in real life.

Now, intelligence is also not enough. It is just a vehicle that can lead to success. One may have the skill, but it will fail without the practice. It is very important to use a function regularly, or it else will degrade, wither and wilt away. This means if you feel that you are not good enough for a certain skill, you can actually still learn it.

So what does this have to do with school? People have this misconception about practical work or working in an environment where academics is not important. For some people, if you are not working in an office or firm then you are a lower class citizen. Only the people who graduated from university can be considered as a high class citizen. So, the lengths these people have to go to just get their diploma are amazing. Some applied for student loans so that they could study at university while working to get themselves to graduation. Ultimately, they would still be working until they are old to just pay off their loans. Others are lucky enough to have enough money, but lose sight of what they really want because university is the only future they could think of.

But what if there is another option?

Apprenticeships are one way for us to learn without the constrictions of being in school (read more here). Instead of learning the theories, being an apprentice puts you in the actual world of work. You will be under a manager who will guide you throughout your journey and even teach you the skills you need to become a master of your chosen profession.

This is not your typical classroom setting. Instead of classmates who can have varying responsibilities, you will have colleagues who are doing similar things as you do. Group work consists of actually working on a project with your hands, not just with your heads. Most of all, you will have a salary while learning about your job!

There are a lot of options to choose from when applying for apprenticeships, including industries like engineering, carpentry and plumbing. There are also other options like hairdressing, horticulture and communications. One can even teach others for apprenticeships. You have the freedom to choose a path that you will enjoy. In return, they will also help you in developing yourself.

There are also apprenticeships in technological industries

Being in the actual workplace also prepares you in the real world. The school sometimes has the tendency to shelter children because they are still too young to learn about the world. This might be true for preschools and grade schools, but not for graduating high school students. They need to be prepared to face the reality of working, and they need to be aware of the role they have in the society. Adaptation is crucial for surviving, and one must do this for survival in the corporate world.

This also leads to one of the things the school sometimes forgets to teach: work ethics. It does not only refer to the good manners and right conduct, but how to appropriately act in the workplace. One may have all the knowledge he or she needs to complete the task, but without proper behavior he or she will not last long in any organization.

Apprenticeship is also way cheaper than going for the university. Being an apprentice, you already have a salary while learning the job itself. You are being prepared for the actual workplace and learning the ins and outs of the company itself. It is still like being in a classroom, just without the hassles of being stuck in there for the next four to five years.

I repeat, we are not trying to downgrade the universities. They have their own ways and measures on how to develop their students. However, we believe that through actual participation there is more learning. The references like the books and the internet are always there to help, but sometimes it better to listen about your profession from someone who has actually worked for it. Experience is the best teacher if we are willing to learn.

Luckily, websites like Apprenticeships Perth now offer an opportunity to learn more about apprenticeship in Australia. You don’t have to go far to start your journey as an apprentice – today!


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