What are the Best Graduate Job Sites?


With the power of Google at your fingertips, finding graduate jobs to apply for has never been easier. There are thousands of roles advertised online, but which are the best graduate job sites?

The most obvious job sites for graduates may not be the best

There are a number of well-known job sites that specialise in graduate jobs. These include Graduate Jobs, Milkround, Prospects and Target Jobs. The good news is that you will find a fair few graduate roles on these sites, however the roles that these sites offer are also quite limited. Here’s why:

  • They only list a relatively small number of opportunities. As soon as you start to narrow down your job search by sector, the number of opportunities available drop to a mere handful. As a graduate, this can be demoralising because naturally you will start to feel that your options are limited.
  • They don’t accommodate small/medium-sized businesses. It is not cheap for employers to advertise even a single role with these graduate job sites. The charges aren’t feasible for the vast majority of small/medium-sized businesses and even many larger companies will be reluctant to make the investment.
  • The roles are extremely competitive. With so many graduates flocking to these sites and only a relatively small number of opportunities advertised there, the competition for each job is high. This means that it will be much harder for you to even get an interview for roles you apply for through graduate job sites.

What are the best graduate job sites?

In reality, the large but more general job sites are the best for graduates to visit. Why? Because most businesses looking to hire graduates will go there first. This means that there are thousands more graduate jobs available and they are available in more industries.

These are the best graduate job sites that we recommend:


Find graduate schemes and graduate jobs for every academic specialism – nationwide. Whether you’re looking to start a career in marketing, engineering, retail or IT – JobsGraduate have opportunities for everyone.

Upload your CV to JobsGraduate here!


Indeed is the Google of job sites. When searching for a graduate role on Indeed, you can find millions of jobs from thousands of job sites, newspapers and company websites. Whatever you’re searching for, you should have plenty of choice and new graduate jobs appear every day.

Start your graduate job search on Indeed now.


CV-Library is an award-winning UK job site where you can find thousands of graduate jobs. One of the most exciting features of CV-Library is that you can upload your CV, create a profile and employers will come to you with opportunities!

Upload your CV here.


Reed is another UK giant and certainly a contender in our best job sites for graduates. It’s a popular place for graduate employers to advertise and you’ll find roles in almost every industry you can think of.

Bringing it all together

While graduate-specific job sites do have some great roles on offer, it’s important for graduates to widen their job search. Finding graduate jobs is easy, but finding the right role for you is a challenge! Go where the jobs are and you’ll be sure to find some that match what you are looking for.


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