5 Jobs That Are Perfect for Extroverts


As an extrovert, mapping out the right career plan and coming across jobs that suit you as a person are crucial. In terms of your personality, not only will the right job determine whether you enjoy what you do – a job that caters to you as an extrovert will allow you to thrive, providing you with opportunities to succeed and develop your career. On the other hand, success in a role more suited to an introvert will (in many ways) come down to very different factors.

So, if you are the kind of person that thrives on social interaction, loves being around people and tends to focus on their surroundings as opposed to your internal thoughts, your extrovert personality should be a significant factor when it comes to your ideal next job. The following jobs are some of the top positions that you will thrive in as an extrovert.

1. Human Resources Manager

Whilst human resources management might seem like an obvious job that is suited to an extrovert, it is one that is too often overlooked. 

As an HR manager, you will be managing and working with people constantly – an extroverted personality is crucial in effectively doing your job. This is not only because you will need the energy to keep up, but also because you need to be able to effectively understand and provide the best outcomes for the people you are managing. 

On top of this, HR puts emphasis on skills with practical application across broad industries and roles – they translate well regarding management roles and people-focused roles in general. Whether you are working with customers, clients, co-workers or other businesses, HR management sets you up for success. 

Monarch Australia is a great place to learn more about what is involved in an HR role – you’ll likely be surprised by what is involved day-to-day, and the practical application they can offer.  

2. Therapist 

Whether it is a speech therapist, physical therapist or occupational therapist, therapy might be one of the perfect jobs for extroverts. 

Depending on the type of therapy you would focus on, the nature of your day-to-day would evidently be very different. However, there are numerous shared aspects of therapy roles, particularly in regard to the communication and empathy required.

Regardless of whether you are diagnosing and treating a physical disability or mental health condition, numerous characteristics of an extrovert will come into play. Namely, these are knowing how to approach the problem from a social standpoint, communicating with the patient in the appropriate manner, and allowing clients to be honest and open. In addition to doing your job in an effective manner, therapists get the opportunity to meet numerous people each day, which will often spark excitement and energy in an extrovert. 

3. Lawyer

Next up on the list is becoming a lawyer – this is a job that might not immediately stand out as one suited to extroverted people, particularly in comparison to customer service and management roles, However, soft skills and an extroverted personality can make all the difference in law. 

The main benefits that an extrovert will see in a law career are in terms of their success with clients. Whether it is in representing or communicating with clients, communication and negotiation skills will significantly change the approach a lawyer takes, the extent to which they can work with clients, and the overall outcome they achieve. 

Interestingly, this is a role that statistically is not dominated by extroverts – in fact, the opposite true. If you are an extrovert that enjoys bringing people out of their shell, law might prove to be an even more compelling job option.

4. Teacher

As an extrovert, teaching is a role that will allow you to surround yourself with people who are outgoing and unique. Whether you are interested in a role in primary teaching, high school teaching or university-level teaching, you will be committing to a role that gives you something different every day. 

In addition to the communication you will have with your students – whether they are very young or have already graduated high school – you will also be surrounded by co-workers who are extroverted and enjoy working in the same environment. Unlike many jobs, where the motivations for joining a specific role or company can vary significantly, teaching will surround you with like-minded people. With this being said, you will still get a significantly diverse group of people with different interests in their given subjects and areas of focus. 

5. Event Planner

The final job on this list of jobs for introverted people is the role of an event planner. This might seem like an obscure or narrowly focused role, however, the opposite is true – event planners often get to work exciting and diverse days that keep them on their toes. 

Whether it is a wedding, birthday party or corporate event, an event planner will organise and coordinate an event in its entirety. This puts them in charge of everything from the venue choice to the catering, whilst ensuring that everything runs smoothly and is kept within budget.

As an extrovert, an event planner will succeed in organising and liaising with the relevant parties, negotiating with clients, and making the most out of their budget – so, if you know how to make the most of your extrovert qualities when event planning, you’ll thrive, being able to impress clients and outperform your competition.


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