6 Fulfilling Blue-Collar Job Opportunities That You Can Consider


From a very young age, young boys and girls in elementary schools everywhere are asked to ponder upon what they might like to be when they grow up. The most common professions that students are introduced to, such as medical, law, or business experts, require many years of college. This often leads to adolescent crises when teens are finishing up high school and are calculating how much student debt they’re about to sell their souls for—all for the sake of following some career path that doesn’t feel right.

On the other side of this are those who travelled down that four-year road that led to a nine to five job they absolutely hate. For those of you looking to make a career switch that will yield satisfaction and a high salary, read further to find which blue-collar jobs are calling. 

1. Roofing

One of the reasons why being a roofer is so fulfilling is the same as any other blue-collar profession: There’s a problem, such as one listed on this website, and people call you to fix it. At this outdoor office, you’ll get the thrill of working from great heights while also solving other people’s problems. What could be more gravitating than that? 

2. Nuclear Power Reactor Operators

Nuclear power is one of those things you may have heard of during a science fair in grade school. For any of you who may have slept through it, nuclear power provides about 11% of the world’s electricity. Operators at these plants monitor important systems and respond to emergencies that affect electricity. They’re also some of the highest-paid blue-collar workers. 

3. Elevator Installer and Repairer

Those fears you have about getting stuck in an elevator are perfectly rational and your feelings are shared by just about the entire world. This is why people who work as elevator repair contractors or installers are paid so well. They provide a trusted service that no one would ever dare take for granted—and they’re compensated well for it.  

4. Plumbers and Pipelayers

If you have a strong back, good knees, and a basic understanding of math and algebra, then plumbing or pipe laying might be solid career options for you. Even when the housing market plummets and the economy is in shambles, repair work will keep those who work these jobs more than comfortable. 

5. Personal Trainer

Ditch the idea that you need a trade-school or college degree to get a high-paying job. Instead, take some certification courses in a field you love and try your hand at being someone’s personal trainer. You’ll get the satisfaction of helping people doing something you excel in. 

6. Transportation Inspector

You could bring your childhood love for toy cars and planes to life in your adulthood by becoming a transportation inspector. These professionals make upwards of 65k a year inspecting planes, trains, and automobiles, with the top-dogs pulling in over 100k annually. Who said you had to put down your toys and grow up? Why not make your toys your career? 

Subscribing to the status quo might work for some. But for the wild cards—those who love honest work, those who don’t mind breaking a sweat or getting their hands dirty, those who enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a problem and fixing it—you are the ones who should consider blue-collar work before signing up for a dream that isn’t yours.


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