Promising Prospects For These 7 Business Specialization Careers


When choosing a degree to pursue, different factors are considered, and one major factor is the future in that career. Among the available academic degrees to be completed, business degrees are appealing. This may be due to the flexibility in its programs and because it can be completed online or traditional means. Business specialisations are also abundant, which renders career flexibility. Moreover, the employment rate of business graduates is stable as compared to other majors, and the unemployment rate of those having business majors are relatively low. 

If you intend to accomplish either a bachelor degree or higher learning in business, here are promising prospects of seven business specialisation careers. 

Business Analytics

As more companies engage in big data, AI, and business analytics, so is the rise in demand for business analysts or management analysts. In fact, employment opportunities in business analytics will see a growth of 27 % from 2016 to 2026. The application of business analytics is vast, as the data gathered by firms will be useless without proper analysis. It is also for this reason that despite the data analysis tools available, a knowledgeable business analyst professional is still demanded.

Marketing & Digital Marketing

For a business to grow, marketing specialists are essential as they have the know-how of marketing strategies that can increase sales and help in customer retention. Among the career choices in this specialisation are marketing manager, advertising and promotions manager, Art director, sales manager, and PR manager. An article in 2017, mentioned that for 2020 there is a 15% increase in need of advertisers and marketing professionals making it an ideal career. And as a foresight, a 10% job growth is anticipated until 2028.

Project management

A successful project is reliant to its members with the leadership of the manager. As companies always initiate various projects for the development of their business, a career in project management is demanding at a projected growth of 12.85%.  

HR Management

Any company has a department that caters to their labour relations, management of the organisation, selection of employees and motivation of employees. Thus, those who completed a degree in human resources are vital in an organisation as an HR manager, training and development specialist, business administrator, PR specialist and compensation and benefits manager. For 2018 to 2028, there is a projection of 6.7 % growth in HR management job opportunities.


Most jobs available for those who completed a degree in finance are in banks, insurance firms and investment companies. Career opportunities include financial or budget analyst, financial advisor, securities and commodities agent, and insurance underwriter. The job growth was projected to increase at 8% within the next ten years. 


Studying entrepreneurship provides information on the primary decision-making processes in a business. Necessary skills are taught to enable you to lead everyday business operations. Most entrepreneurship majors are likely to climb the corporate ladder and become the CEO of companies or better yet, run their own businesses. Job opportunities include business administrator, operations manager, healthcare management, and business owner. Growth in this career specialisation is set to 9.58%. 

International Business

Similar to a Business administration degree but with a focus on international business. A proficiency in global commerce and international markets is required. Job opportunities as logistician, marketing and banking manager and international business management analysts are forecasted to grow from 7% to 14% depending on career choice.

The different business degree specialisation mentioned above demonstrate the possibilities in the career for those who choose to work in this industry. The flexibility is noticed with the commonalities of the specialisation with the core business principles. Whichever area you chose, one thing is certain – that there is a positive and promising prospect ahead!


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