Career Building Tips for College Students


Giving your career a strong head start begins with an initial strategy. Developing a plan for a student career that is failure proof is challenging. It has to sustain against shifts of the preferences or local and global economy. Here are the basic things that will look good on a CV when you graduate:

1. Promotion on part-time roles or results on odd jobs

No need to be ashamed of working as a coffee shop barista while you are a future marketing expert. Analyze your experience to pinpoint the milestones you’ve managed to accredit. How many regular customers appeared since you have started? Have you received any stand-out feedback? Communication and promoting customer loyalty are valuable for many businesses.

Did you ever get additional responsibilities like being a team leader? Was it your responsibility to contact suppliers? Mention these management skills on your CV and highlight your successes and additional responsibilities.

2. Volunteering and social involvement

Immediate benefits for your future career stem from the scope of volunteering work you can do. Attending to the needs of local communities suggests you are empathetic and have a giving nature. Taking care of the environment by participating in the recycling events demonstrates personal awareness and social responsibility.

Visiting animal shelters can come with a benefit of learning how to raise funds and attract public attention. Launching a campaign to address and relieve a social issue that bothers you requires a number of valuable skills that will make you a preferable candidate in many companies.

3. International education experience

The UK hosted over 400 thousand international students for the 2016-2017 academic year. These statistics increase yearly, and so does the competition for jobs. There are many graduate programmes for non-UK citizens to stay after graduation and their experience of adapting in a different society can be highly valued by employers.

If travelling to a different country has always been on your mind, try summer programs or volunteering experiences. Study in Australia with online assignment help if you are afraid of not achieving the same results as at home. Keep track of the career events for a students on your university’s website.

4. Starting a career abroad

Do not trick yourself into thinking that you lost a chance to move to a different country when you decided to get a degree at home. The world is becoming increasingly mobile. Explore the opportunities of landing an internship abroad.

For example, the USA has launched a Student Career Experience Program to enable recent post-grads to get job experience. Canada offers opportunities to participate in research and funds the process and facilities.

5. Back to analysis

If you are familiar with the career test that applicants take before choosing an occupation, this is the time to retake the test. The purpose is to determine a sphere where you wish to apply your knowledge.

You could work on your skills to make you a better fit for the position. There are many high-end companies based in the UK. If you dream to work for Fortune 500, be bold and write a cover letter explaining why you will make a difference landing an internship.

When you are young, your ambitions and passion can bring fruitful results by your knowledge. Even if it is just a theory with no practice at the beginning.


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