5 Online Job Opportunities You Didn’t Know Existed


We live in a world where there are numerous job opportunities, and if you asked a selection of people, they’d likely name a similar batch of roles. However, while there are the more common and recognised job opportunities out there, there are also opportunities that some perhaps wouldn’t even know existed. Therefore, we’ve picked out a few of the more unconventional opportunities out there, to help broaden horizons and provide some insight to make your CV the perfect fit.

1. Ethical Hacker

Most of us reading this article will have heard of hackers, and it’s likely that most will think they’re criminals. However, there are ethical hackers out there, also known as white hat hackers. These hackers are employed by companies to attempt to hack computer systems, networks, websites and the like. By doing this, they’re able to assist a company when it comes to preventing malicious hackers from being able to exploit vulnerabilities to cause disruption or to commit cybercrime.

2. Live Casino Dealer

If you’ve ever been to a land-based casino, you will have come across dealers working the blackjack tables for example. Well, since online casinos became increasingly popular, many leading operators have looked for ways to recreate that authentic casino experience for gamers playing over the internet. This saw the birth of live casino, where casino players could play table games like blackjack with a live dealer online. Market leaders like Evolution Gaming are always expanding, and this has seen the door open for more people to become live dealers.

3. Online Reviewer

Now, some people may think of an online review job opportunity as one they’ve heard of many times before, but our take on online reviewing is likely to be slightly different. With the rapid growth of review sites, be it for hotels or restaurants, it has led to many people checking out said reviews to decide whether the hotel or restaurant will be for them. Therefore, establishments are now paying online reviewers to leave fake reviews, in order to increase a venue’s reputation, and therefore bring more people through the doors.

4. Game Tester

With so many games being released over the course of a year, more and more developers are now offering gamers the opportunity to test versions of the game, before its full release. It’s now becoming common for beta versions of games to be distributed to a group of people, who then go on to play the game to see if they come across any bugs, or areas that could still do with further work.

5. Online Fortune Teller

With so many superstitious people out there in the world today, having one’s star sign read or being told their fortune has always been popular. It started in the back of magazines, before moving into telephone readings. The arrival of the Internet, which managed to impact most industries, has since seen online fortune telling and tarot reading skyrocket in popularity. More and more people are now preferring to log on and find out what lies ahead for them, which has seen job opportunities in this area grow.


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