6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Choosing Your Career Before Your University


Before even setting foot in the university, there are generally two paths that potential university students can take. First, some have their mind all figured out as they already have a chosen career before entering university. The other group would take it to the last minute before their choice. For the latter, often, they’d let the diagnostic or entrance exam results give them an overall idea as to the proper course to take up. 

If you’re going to the university anytime soon, however, it’s better that you belong to the first group of students that have it all figured out. Before you even send out your application letters, you should already have an idea as to the career you’ll study for. 

Taking on that choice brings many benefits, like the following: 

1. Saves You Time

This first reason may seem all-too-obvious, but you should know that choosing your career beforehand saves you so much time. Applying to the university will take time, which will only be more time-consuming if you’re not decided as to your chosen degree.

When you’re undecided, this means that, at the last minute, you’re going to take several entrance exams. This can complicate your choice of the university since you aren’t sure if the university you’re applying carries the career path that you’ve decided at the last minute. Once you’ve decided on potential course options, start your search for potential universities at collegerank.net.

More so, you want to do all you can to finish your university studies in four years or five (if this is the timeframe for your chosen degree). Last-minute decisions can lead you to change your mind in between your university studies. While there’s nothing wrong with realizing that you’ll want to change your degree, this can be a waste of time for the years you’ve spent on your first choice. 

2. Makes You Attractive To Possible Scholarships

You can’t attract potential scholarships when you don’t even know what degree to apply for. Applying for financial aid and other scholarships comes with its set of requirements, depending on the degree you’re taking up. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on this opportunity.

These scholarships are generally awarded to students through the universities that they apply to. If you don’t know which degree you’re going to take up and you’re having a hard time matching the universities that’ll accept you, securing financial aid is going to be difficult. 

3. Enables You To Take Specific Courses

There are specific courses that require prerequisite subjects. This means that, right from freshman year, all of the subjects are tailored for that specific degree.

If you’re unable to decide on this during your freshman or sophomore year at the university, you’re losing time in your university studies. This means that you’ll finish a few years later. More so, you might’ve even wasted money and time enrolling on some freshman and sophomore subjects that aren’t considered prerequisite courses.

You’ll have to check with the specific universities that you wish to apply to. But, in general, degrees such as nursing, engineering, and education require a series of prerequisites right from the freshman year. 

4. Makes A Smoother Transition Towards Your Chosen Career

No one wakes up one morning and feels they’re ready to become a teacher, for example. This takes years of preparation and study in the university. Even if your chosen career is something that you’re passionate about, this still takes time to transition towards into. This means being fully prepared to work as a teacher for the rest of your life.

One way to make this transition and preparation smoother is to make this decision before entering the university. In doing so, the moment you start with classes, you already have that full mindset of preparedness that this is the first step towards becoming a teacher. When you decided on this early on, it’ll give you the sufficient time to understand the concepts and have a full grasp of what your career entails.

Otherwise, if you’ve been regularly changing college degrees, you may be taking in so many different concepts from varied subjects, which will not contribute towards your chosen career. It may even make you more confused as your brain is overloaded with a mix of concepts that could not correlate with your career path.

5. Saves You Money

Being decided on your career before entering the university saves you time and money. The financial concept here relates to the expenses that necessarily come along with switching courses because you’re undecided.

Remember that in the university, you’re paying for every unit or subject that you’re taking up. This cost ultimately adds up, especially when you’re wasting an entire year undecided on what course you’re going to take up. 

Most students also start the university with enough, or barely enough, to finish the entire four years of their education. If this situation speaks to you, then all the more that you should ensure no money is wasted by deciding on a career before choosing a university. 

6. Clearly Defines All Your Academic Subjects

Once you know what course to take up, you’re going to have a course outline for the entire four years of study. This will make it easier for you to plan which subjects you’ll take in a semester or which of those you’ll move for the summer term instead.

Having this opportunity to decide makes it easier on your schedule as it frees up some units on your current course load. When there are subjects that need more time and attention, you can focus more on it with lesser subjects to take.


It’s naturally acceptable for everyone to choose their career or college degree only when they’re ready. But don’t put this decision off until later since it’s only going to complicate your university applications even more. 

Being undecided on your college major before starting university can also increase the likelihood of changing majors because you decided on the course at the very last minute. If you’re headed to the university, give yourself time and start deciding on which career path you desire. In doing so, you’re able to easily reach and complete your academic pursuit.


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