What a Day in the Life of a Teacher Actually Looks Like


While it’s no secret that teaching is an incredibly rewarding profession, there’s no denying that it takes a lot of dedication and hard work.

Of course, we’d have no hesitation encouraging anyone who wants to inspire children to begin a teaching career. However, for those who think it’s just a means to a long summer holiday, our advice is to think again.

Despite popular belief, teachers don’t arrive at work at 9am and leave at 3pm. In fact, from the 200 teachers surveyed by Simply Education, it was found that 77% of them don’t think twice about regularly spending extra hours at work, with days sometimes beginning as early as 7.15am and finishes cutting well into their evening time.

Lesson preparation requires organisation, creativity and time. PowerPoint presentations need to be created, assemblies need to be led, after-school sessions need to be supervised and, more often than not, lessons need to be covered. We haven’t even mentioned attending staff training, carrying out detentions, preparing for parent’s evening and helping teaching assistants reach their goals.

For that reason, when teachers (eventually) get home they need some well-deserved relaxation time. Our survey found that to wind down most teachers like to watch television, with keeping active and socialising coming close behind. But, these only come after they’ve got through the planning, report writing and that ominous pile of essays and assessments that need grading with their red pens.

So, you still want to become a teacher? Then check out Simply Education, a site that’s committed to matching your skills and experience to the right position.

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