How to Become a Fire Marshal


Being a fire marshal in the UK is an important job. They’re responsible for identifying potential problems that could result in a fire, make notes about fire safety, and reporting to a higher authority in the company. Escape routes out of the building must be clear of obstructions at all times and the fire marshal is responsible for ensuring that too. They also must act in the correct manner should a fire break out, directing staff inside the building to the correct exit points where they can quickly move outside.

You don’t just become a fire marshal by being hired for the job. It requires training to qualify and later be employed in the role.

What Does a Fire Marshall Do in the Event of a Fire?

A fire marshal, when discovering or being notified of a fire in the building, is the person responsible for alerting everyone in the building that there’s an ongoing fire. The fire alarms should be going off following the detection of smoke, but in the event that they aren’t being triggered, the marshal must manually trigger the fire alarm to alert everyone.

Should the alarm system be down, they should notify each department head that’s there’s a fire and an evacuation should happen immediately. It’s also a good idea as a last resort to have both a bullhorn and the mobile phone numbers of all department heads to alert them should the phone lines go down along with the fire alarm system. The message to evacuate must get through.

How Does a Fire Marshall Respond Once a Fire is Discovered?

Computers and other equipment should be turned off, where possible. Opening windows is helpful to vent smoke, but the priority is to get everyone including themselves out of the building safely. People with disabilities who may need assistance should receive such assistance at this time. Report the fire by following procedures and where appropriate and in accordance with company policy, use fire extinguishers if the fire is small and localised.

What Is Covered with Fire Warden Training?

With fire warden and fire marshal training, you’re learning how to keep people safe who are under your care. Employees and visitors to a commercial building are relying on your training to do the right thing while they might be panicking or unsure where the exits are as smoke begins to consume the air during the early few minutes while a fire is developing.

Choose a training provider that you don’t have to go to, as it’s much better practice to conduct the training at your premises so that they can evaluate your building. The fire warden training from  is carried out either at your work premises or at a secondary location of your choosing. Their training includes how to conduct a fast evacuation of the premises, what to look for with fire risk factors, and how to deal with a fire that’s broken out. Their half-day course covers everything required.

A fire marshal is a very important role. Being able to confirm everyone inside the building and ensuring they all got safely evacuated to the designated collection point is an essential part of the role. Without the right person and the correct training, things could go horribly wrong.


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