How to Find Your Career Passion: Advice for Students


Every student has been in this situation, you have bested countless pieces of coursework, sat through a whole load of revision and given hours of your time to essays about a multitude of different topics. You’ve slayed large ones, and you’ve aced smaller ones, you can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. But then you stop and think, what am I actually going to do when I leave?

It’s a question you’ve not given much thought to, but you know you want to be in a career that you enjoy and that uses the best of your skills. But how do you go about getting that sort of career after leaving College or University? How do people get to where they want to be? What are the best places to look for these sorts of careers that will be the best thing for you? Well, we have a few tips for you.

Hopefully, after reading these tips you will begin to understand the best ways to go about kick-starting your career!


Have a look at what you have done throughout your time studying, from back when you were a child, to the complex essays you’ve been doing recently. What is the binding theme between them all? What is the aspect that you’ve come back to exploring time and time again? What is it that makes you happy and eager to learn when you get up in the morning? You may have to think for quite some time to find what exactly this is, but that’s okay.

Think long and hard about the aspects of your chosen subject that have held your interest for the longest. For instance, if you realise that conveying ideas and theories passionately through the written word has been your favourite thing, you might want to look for a position as a scriptwriter for a charity or a bid writer for a design company. If your favourite thing has been maintaining the accuracy of dates, times and people in your essays, maybe the path of a historian is the one for you. If you just liked writing essays then you should look for professional dissertation writing service that allows students to buy essay material from experts, that could be you! It’s really just as easy as focusing on what you’ve enjoyed throughout your education, and finding something similar to that.

Try different things

With the time that you have left in University or College, the best advice you can get is to be spontaneous with your time. If you’ve always wanted to act in a play or be part of a performance, look at what a theatrical group nearby have been doing, maybe you could get a part in their next play! If you’ve always wanted to get into a new sport or activity, you should do it now!

You may find that in one particular path you follow, you discover something that you really enjoy doing, and this might flower into a career path. The voices in your head saying ‘I wonder what it would be like to do this?’ aren’t your enemies by any means. Once you listen to them, you will find that you thrive in new situations.

Speak to your parents

The best people to speak to about this sort of thing are most probably your parents. If there is anyone that has had a window into your educational journey, and what you’ve enjoyed and disliked, it is them. So take the time to sit down with them and let them know that you’ve been thinking about what you might want to do after your education is finished. They will listen to your suggestions and will be able to think more logically about career paths being that they have done it already. They might even have a few suggestions of their own based on what they have seen you develop interests in.

Bringing it all together

Finding something that you are passionate about to do for the rest of your life is definitely a scary prospect. You want to pick the best thing you possibly can, whilst also ensuring that it is something that you do enjoy and can prosper in. The three steps above will definitely help you whittle down your choices.

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