How to Start a Great Writing Career After College


In this present era of digitized technology, writing is becoming a more profitable career as many people want their products to be seen by global prospects. Words are necessary to communicate with consumers to let them know what your products are and to create an interest in them.

Many people are also aspiring to become writers, but not all of them make good writers… Today we shall see some of the ways to successfully start a writing career. By following these guidelines, and implementing the strategies, you will set yourself up for career success.

The main problem aspiring writers face is not really how to write, but getting their work published or sold. Clients want top-notch writers, but they cannot know how good of a writer you are if they cannot see your work.

Things to Do to Become a Great Writer after College:

A college degree is part of the long journey to becoming a writer. By studying a course at the university, you can develop knowledge in a relevant field that will help you become a freelance writer. The education you receive becomes a bridge to your writing careers success. Here are the things that will help you to become a great writer:

1. Social and Networking Skills:

Networking is part of success in any business industry. To become a successful writer, whether you are a student or a graduate, you must create connections. However, the skill of connecting with the right people is a hurdle for many.

What you need to do is, for instance, find writers who have already established their career – like on social media such as LinkedIn – and add them to your connections. Talk with them, and you will learn how to get yourself exposed to potential employers or clients. The people in your network can help you land the freelance writing jobs for beginners.

You should also see if there are any networking events that you can attend in your area.

2. Get Yourself Published:

So you want to write, but you don’t know how to get started. To grow your writing career, you ought to get your work published out there. You can start by creating posts related to your writing job on you social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Pitching to some blogs and websites that allow guest posts will also help you get your work in front of many readers.

It is, however, very important to start your own blog. This will benefit your career as you can write about what you are passionate about and tell readers more about yourself and provide your contact information. Blogs also show how determined you are in your work so the clients are more likely to hire you knowing you will dedicate your time and effort in getting their orders completed.

3. Choose Your Area of Interest to Avoid Mixing Things:

Successful writers know their achievements, strengths, and objectives. There are different types of writing that you can choose from. As a college graduate, writing for will help you put your educational knowledge into practice. You will become an academic writer, and apply the knowledge gained in your field of study.

Other writers may go for articles and eBooks. When going for article writing, you have to master the craft of SEO, which will help you write content that search engines will rank highly. In this way, your client products will reach many prospects because of your work.

4. Be a Consistent Learner:

Great writers never stop learning. Reading on a daily basis helps you to train your mind to write great things and ideas. Getting consistent training in your writing career helps you become even better. You will learn how to read the client mind and how to present the product to the their target audience.

Training and research also empowers you with knowledge regarding the latest trends in the writing industry. With that, you will become even better, and get your work published on the authority websites like Forbes and Entrepreneur. Having your name on these sites guarantees you a consistent flow of decent income.

5. Fight Your Fears and Negativities:

All writers started somewhere. It is practice and determination that makes people successful in any business. As a writer, avoid all the negative thoughts of failure. Stop fearing to reach out to your potential clients and employers. Fear is a major destroyer of dreams.

You may need to get some personality development skills to overcome your fears and feel more confident. The faster you act, the better you will become and grow in your writing career.


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