Interviewing Advice For Sheffield Students When Seeking Accommodation


Preparing for the upcoming university life is extremely full of challenges. Those challenges include leaving the home where you grew up for years and moving to a completely new surrounding.

When going to a university, your first task is to find a decent place where you’ll be staying, and it has to be a proper living arrangement to provide you with your daily needs as a student. If you’re soon to be a student at the University of Sheffield, you’ll need the best student accommodation you can get from the Omnia Space.

Since you’re unfamiliar with different student accommodations around Sheffield, you can narrow down your choices by negotiating with them face to face. During your negotiation, you can ask a couple of questions before renting the student accommodation, like the following:

Has Anyone Broken Into This Place?

In finding good student lodging, safety should be your top priority. Since your university should also be near the accommodation house, the surroundings must be safe enough for students to stay, even late at night or early in the morning. Your safety, security, and belongings shouldn’t be compromised during your schooling years.

Thus, ask the property owners of any records of burglary and theft. If there are, take time to consider if the place is still worth it, like improving their security systems by installing CCTV cameras or assigning security personnel around the area. If they don’t have any record, then it’s a considerable option.

Are There Any Property-related Accidents?

Property maintenance should be kept from time to time, so the accommodation shouldn’t compromise their tenants’ safety over unrepaired damages inside the property. Ask if there have been any accidents and mishaps during the stay of students. What did the accommodation do right after these events happened? What did they improve?

Also, you can check for their building plans to see if there are proper emergency exits on each floor. Ask if they have security systems and measures to combat natural and manmade disasters and how they prevent these home dangers to worsen.

Are There Quite Spaces Designated For Studying?

Since student accommodations are built for students alone, they should have a proper space where anyone can spend time studying. Thus, never forget to ask this question while seeking for a good student house. This place should be free from noise and any kind of distraction, no matter how much the capacity.

The stressful university life should give you a few breaks to reflect and freshen up, and silent and isolated places can be your best companion. Also, opting for this space rather than coffee shops around Sheffield can be more cost-efficient for you.

How Much Is the Accommodation?

Before you immediately rent, you should ask how much the accommodation will be depending on their timely basis. Don’t be too thrifty for yourself, so don’t fall for cheap accommodations without seeing all the facilities and amenities. The environment should be clean to provide you with enough space to sleep, study, eat, and use the comfort rooms.

Moreover, make it clear to the owners if the rent already includes all the utility bills, or you still have to pay for it or split it between your roommates.

Is The WiFi Connection Good Enough?

One of the must-have amenities in every student accommodation is the WiFi connection. Students in this digital era greatly rely on the World Wide Web to do their tasks more efficiently, such as gathering lessons and discussions, disseminating information, seeking for extra academic help, and social media.

By having a reliable internet connection on your devices, you can prevent spending more by getting your own or renting computer cafes just to study.

Can I Add A Few Modifications In The Room?

For students who love to personalize their spaces, don’t forget to ask if you can put up some alterations inside your space. These include putting up stickers and pictures on the wall, rearranging the furniture pieces, and decorating the ceiling.

It creates a better attachment for people when they feel comfortable and familiar with their surroundings, so personalizing your stuff can boost your motivation to study.

Are There Student Activities Here?

A student-friendly community with consistent student activities is probably the best environment that you can stay at. Being surrounded by motivated and goal-driven people, especially students from the University of Sheffield or even other colleges, can power you up positively.

Review sessions, donation projects, environment-related activities organized by the student leaders of this community will help you in opening yourself into the world and learn more experiences from people that you can relate to, which are all crucial for your career preparation.


Student accommodations ensure the best quality of living for every type of student, but they’ll start to differ with rent prices and amenities included.

The community around Sheffield and its cost of living are pretty surprising, so you should take note of saving your money by finding affordable but top-notch accommodation by asking these questions during your interview.


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