6 Jobs Where You Will Always be in Demand


Although it’s impossible to predict what jobs may be replaced or outsourced next, there are a few jobs where you will always be in demand. These are jobs that robots or computers will never be able to do and ones that have to be done locally. For people that are worried about job security, they can pick one of these jobs where you will always be in demand.

1. Doctor


Until we find a cure for every disease and a way to avoid injury, doctors and other medical professionals will always be in demand. In fact, this is an industry that is expected to grow in the near future, especially in the United States as the Baby Boomer generation begins getting older and will face more medical problems and therefore need more medical care.

2. Teacher


Along with a wide variety of other jobs within the education industry, a teacher is a job where you will always be in demand. This is because teaching requires a person to pass on information to their students. There are a number of types of teachers and at all different levels, from elementary and high school teachers to college professors and even personal tutors.

3. Accountant


Money continues to make the world go round and it doesn’t seem like that is going to change any time in the near future. Getting yourself involved in finance is a pretty sound career move, as it looks set to be a thriving profession in years to come. If you are the sort of person who likes to have some structure in your life, becoming an accountant will give you a clear career path from day one.

4. Mechanic


The basic job of a mechanic is to fix things that are broken. Because this requires a human touch to not only go in and find what the problem is, but also to carefully replace or fix broken parts, there’s no way for this job to be handed over to a robot or outsourced overseas. So, if you want to work as a mechanic, then you will always be in demand.

Mechanics work in a wide variety of industries, which means that you can find something that you will enjoy if you decide to work as a mechanic. Some mechanics work on small and large home appliances whereas others work on automobiles and even aeroplanes.

5. Farmer


As long as people need to eat, there will be farmers to produce food for them, making this an easy pick for jobs where you will always be in demand. Although some food production is outsourced and advances in technology can certainly make it easier for large companies to produce huge quantities of food, there will always be a need for farmers.

A farmer may specialize in the production of one crop or animal, such as beef farmers or corn farmers, or they may have a diverse set of plant and animal products that they produce. Either way, choosing to work as a farmer is hard work, but it will guarantee that you will always have a job.

6. Truck Driver

truck driver

Along with other jobs within the transportation industry, truck drivers will always be in demand. A truck driver makes sure whatever they are delivering makes it safely to its destination, which may mean helping a family move to a new home across town or a company’s products to another country. Other jobs within this industry that will always be in demand include bus drivers, taxi drivers, and aeroplane pilots.

For people that want to make sure that they’ll always have work, these are just a few of the jobs to consider since they will always be in demand.

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