Various Nursing Programs in the US


The halls that smell of medicines and sterile floors is not where anyone would prefer to stay for long. But it is those places that revitalize you and enhance your health conditions. Imagine being within those painted walls of concrete and walking through those immaculate corridors and rooms for your whole life. While most people hate to do that, many others are obliged to it. Nurses are indeed angels who spread their wings to protect and care for the ones who seek for it. Injecting the elixir of life to save people from their extreme pain isn’t the only duty of a nurse. Wearing a smile through every adversity and spreading it to the patients is the magical power of every nurse. Most of these factors make for the major reasons for every aspiring nurse to step into this field of work. Every little good deed turns out to be an inspiration for these people.

Thousands of candidates run to the admission centers to take up courses related to nursing. In the US, several sessions are offered for nursing aspirants. For all those who wish to keep the spirit to serve their fellow beings, this profession would be their forte. As demand for nurses is higher than ever now, the nursing degree course is a good option even from a career perspective as it has a wide range of opportunities. The profession of pharmacy has also grown alongside nursing to become one of the highly paid medical jobs. You can go through the pharmacist degree programs at Roseman University and kickstart your dream career right away. The professionals or the ones who are pursuing degree courses in the country can guide the novices through the process of opting for a particular course or university. Here are the three best nursing programs offered in the US.

1. LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) and LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse)

Most of the colleges in the US offer these courses, which is also backed by the benefit that prerequisite classes are not mandatory. As the name suggests, both these courses work under the control of a registered nurse. The course duration is one year. Some colleges check for the TOEFL, ACT or SAT score for the enrollment purpose. LVN/LPN nurses perform basic patient care. The standard annual wage set by the US Department of Labor Statistics is about $40,000 US.

2. ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) Program

Many of the community colleges in the country offer this program. The duration of an ADN course is typically between 15 months and 2 years. The enrollment procedures will begin only after the completion of prerequisite classes. An ADN nurse can take up the duties of treating and educating patients and providing emotional support to every family member of the patient. The annual wage set for ADN nurses is about $67,500 USD.

3. BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

This course is offered in almost all the colleges and universities in the US. BSN is a four-year-long program, and many of the candidates prefer to opt for this course for the higher degree value that it possesses. It is mostly the international students who go for BSN since job prospects are higher and it offers an impressive salary package.


Nursing is one divine profession and taking that up has to be appreciated at all times. Before taking that first step towards your dream profession, make sure to check the best programs, its job prospects and the universities where they are offered.


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