UK Graduate Starting Salaries: What to Expect from your Subject


Graduate starting salaries are usually pretty high on the agenda for recent graduates looking for their first job after university. They have worked hard, earned a good degree and now it is time to reap the financial benefits with a successful and rewarding career.

A question that many face at interview is: What are your salary expectations? This question is usually straightforward for someone who has been in an industry for a while and knows the worth of their skills and experience. For graduates, however it can be more tricky.

Where are your salary expectations and are they realistic?

Some graduates do need to face a reality check when looking for their first graduate role. The popular statistic that 2015 graduates are on a median starting salary of £30,000 is only true if you are working for one of the top 100 graduate employer giants. Which most graduates aren’t! Other graduates may be pleasantly surprised by their salary prospects and what they can expect to earn in their first role.

HECSU’s What Do Graduates Do? Report reveals a more realistic representation of what graduates can expect to be earning in their first 6 months at work. They have found that the average salary for UK graduates ranges between £18,000 – £24,000.

Something that can also make an impact on graduate starting salaries is your degree subject. Take a look at our graph that ranks degree subjects based on the average starting salaries of graduates.

There is also an infographic below that highlights some interesting statistics about what graduates can expect when embarking upon their career. You can also discover the top 5 subjects and industries for UK graduate starting salaries.

average starting salary


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