How University Has Prepared You For Your First Job


University is that magical gateway that you pass through to get from school to life in the real world. It is a time and place where great memories are made, and you learn about the subjects (hopefully) pertaining to your chosen career path.

Despite the fact that university is meant to help you prepare for having a job in your chosen field, the time can often pass by in a blur of exams, assignments, and parties. You may graduate wondering how university has prepared you for your first job. Here are just a few of the ways you are better prepared than you were previously.


Even if you are a regular procrastinator, you managed to get through everything and graduate. You have learned how to focus on studying consistently to be able to retain enough knowledge to pass your courses and survive your exams. The skills you used to get here will carry over into your first job and help you in the face of deadlines and managerial expectations. Your late nights and long days may have even left you with a goal of never procrastinating again, especially when it comes to your first job.


All those dreaded group projects you had to complete over the years built your ability to work with a team. They may have also helped you discover that you never want to work with a team again, which may be unrealistic. Regardless, you now know how to work with people you don’t necessarily like to get the job done. In your first job – and all jobs following – there will likely be someone you don’t like. Unfortunately, that’s the reality of entering the world of work. As long as you can remain civil and productive, you will be fine.


Effective communication is the foundation of great workplace skills. Every time you wrote a paper, made a presentation and advocated for yourself to a professor or peer group, you have practised developing your communication skills. This helps you as you work on projects at your new job, or network to raise awareness about the company’s product or service. Being a great communicator will empower you to speak your mind and help develop a fantastic organisational culture.

Time Management

Time management is crucial, especially if you have a job with tight deadlines. We often have more to do in a day than we feel we have time for, especially when it comes to university. Think about it: two lecturers assign major papers to be completed over the same weekend and you have all of your exams to study for at the same time. To get everything done, while getting to your classes and perhaps even working a part-time job, you need to have strong time management skills.


The whole point of going to university was to gain knowledge surrounding your chosen field. When you’re in an interview for your first job, be sure to highlight relevant things and convey your understanding of industry jargon. In some areas, this will be easier than in others. For example, if you’ve gone to university to become a nurse and then apply for a job as a nurse, there are a plethora of relevant learnings that you can mention. If you’ve gone to university for marketing and apply to a communications job, you’ll have to think harder about how you link your learned skills.

Bringing it all together

University may seem nothing like the real world, but it has prepared you in many ways whether you realise it or not!

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