Why Many Lawyers Find Their Careers Rewarding


Some students choose to attend law school after they have completed their bachelor’s degrees with the hope of eventually making a lot of money. While the legal profession is highly lucrative, there are other careers where you can also make a lot of money, such as IT. To enter the law profession, you must have a passion for law. However, there are several advantages to entering the legal profession.

Most lawyers earn salaries that are much higher than the national average. The attorneys who attended the best law schools and work for top firms can earn a million dollars a year.

Law Can Be a Fun Challenge

The legal profession is ideal for those who love solving problems and using their minds to help their clients. There is always something new that a lawyer must learn, and they must be very creative in how they apply the law.

Endless Opportunities to Learn

You will never learn everything there is to learn about your area of specialization because there are always new and exciting developments. There may be a novel ruling that could shake up your industry. Also, there are seemingly endless areas of law to practice since law impacts almost every area of life. Helping a client write a contract is very different from helping a client prove his or her innocence when accused of a burglary.

More Opportunities

Having a J.D. opens you up to a range of opportunities. You could work for a law firm, open your own practice, or work for a company full-time as an in-house lawyer. You may also enter into management, mediation, or academia. Therefore, if you become bored with the current state of your career, there are other routes you may choose to take.

Workplace Perks

Most lawyers are provided with their own private offices. You will typically have support staff, such as paralegals, who will help you perform your work. Larger law firms will typically provide lawyers with tickets to events and offer lavish accommodations.

A Career Based on Helping Others

Lawyers, such as those who work for Rosenblum Law Offices, are devoted to serving the interests of their clients. Often, clients come to lawyers desperate and in pain. Many lawyers assist clients who are struggling with mounting debt, are losing custody of their kids, or are trying to fend off a costly lawsuit. Clients are often grateful when you win them a settlement for horrific injuries or when you help bring a criminal who has wronged your client to justice.

Public interest lawyers use the legal system to fight for the public good and to help those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford attorneys. Those in private practice often perform pro-bono work. Some bar associations even mandate that a lawyer perform a certain number of hours of pro-bono. Even if a large corporation compensates you, you can feel a sense of accomplishment when you help your client win.


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