Five Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Career in Tech


Every market in the world relies on technology in some form or another and it’s this adaptability that makes the industry so progressive and diverse. From a professional perspective, technology is the future and offers endless opportunities for career growth and development. Here, Sukh Ryatt, MD at Oak Intranet, shares a few of the things that make the industry so great.

New Opportunities

The technology sector is constantly changing to embrace new innovations, and career prospects are evolving just as quickly to keep up with the demands of the industry. A basic knowledge of IT is required to fulfil almost every modern job role. However, with specialist skill sets in a specific field of the industry, you’ll be able to work on some exciting, forward-looking projects, opening up a world of career opportunities.

To Challenge Your Mind

Technology is all about identifying problems and coming up with an innovative solution that will impact the user experience, as well as improve business efficiencies. Pursuing technology as a career does not limit your prospects, as technology overlaps with so many other industries like; retail, healthcare and education. With tech know-how, you can immerse yourself in a field you’re passionate about, whilst being continuously challenged by the changing technological climate.

Rapid Growth

Working in a technology-driven workplace is not a static experience. New opportunities to upskill and expand your knowledge are constantly arising as the industry is in a continuous state of change. New skills tend to lead to career growth, which means you’ll keep learning and progressing.

Short Supply = High Demand

With technical career options available in almost every company and the skills shortage in STEM industries, it’s not surprising that tech professionals are in high-demand. Being a sought-after candidate means you’ll benefit from a competitive salary. Plus, as an expert in your trade, you’ll become highly valued within your organisation.

Turn Ideas Into Reality

Do you dream of devising cutting-edge solutions that could revolutionise the way people work? If so, then a career in tech is right for you. Immersed in new developments and concepts, you’ll break new ground, using research to drive creative solutions. Surrounded by the brightest minds in the business and working in a progressive culture, your ideas will thrive.

A career in technology offers so many unique benefits that can help grow your skills and fast track your career. However, the most important thing with any career path you choose to pursue is that you have a passion for the industry – you’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do.

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