3 Tips to Ensure Your CV Gets You a Call in 2018


If you are among the millions of workers who have resolved to get a new job in 2018, check out these top 3 tips to improve your CV and secure interviews.

1. Optimise your CV for ATS systems

Employers and recruiters use ATS systems to find candidates by searching for certain keywords. For example, if an employer is looking for a Marketing Manager they may write keywords such as ‘Marketing Manager’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Online Marketing’, into the ATS system. If your CV doesn’t contain the relevant keywords for the positions you are interested in, it won’t be visible to employers and recruiters when they do their searches for candidates.

You shouldn’t stuff your CV with keywords as employers and recruiters will be able to tell if you have done this. Instead, you should ensure that the inclusion of the keywords fits in naturally with the content in your CV.

2. Make sure your CV makes it clear why you are applying for the job

I have lost track of the number of times I would read people’s CVs and wouldn’t understand why they had applied for a job I was recruiting for. There are 3 situations in which your CV will benefit from an objective section.

  • You are looking for a career change
  • You are looking for a job with significantly more or less responsibility than your current/most recent job
  • You are looking for jobs in another city or country

The objective section should make it clear why you are applying for that particular job. If an employer or recruiter has any doubt about why you are applying for a job, they are highly unlikely to call you.

3. Sell your experience

A common misconception is that you should simply state what you do for each of your jobs. But this isn’t what employers want to see. If an employer or recruiter is recruiting for a role, they already know what that position involves!

You sell your experience by doing the following:

  • Using compelling language throughout your CV
  • Highlighting your relevant achievements
  • Communicating the value you add when mentioning your responsibilities

Bringing it all together

Writing a CV which gets you invited to interviews isn’t easy. It takes time and effort and involves critically thinking about your strengths and an ability to identify and effectively communicate your USP. Following these 3 tips will help your CV stand out from the competition and secure those elusive interviews.

About the Author

Shilpa is an ex-recruiter turned CV Writer and offers CV Writing, LinkedIn Writing and Cover Letter writing assistance. Shilpa is currently offering free CV reviews where she will personally review your CV and give you clear recommendations to improve your CV. Connect with Shilpa on LinkedIn here or email her at snayya307@hotmail.com for a free CV review.


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