8 Tips for Job Hunting in London


London is one of the economic powerhouses of the world, and as such, it comes as no surprise that it can be quite difficult to get a job there. With millions of people arriving every year to take advantage of the high pay, Pound strength, economic stability and cosmopolitan lifestyle – there is a huge demand for jobs that can make it quite tricky to land the one you want.

Luckily the same increase in population also means that there is a growing job market to service everyone in the city and this opens up some job avenues that you may not have thought of.

So whether you’ve just arrived, or are simply moving jobs, here are some top tips to help you with job hunting in London.

Create an Awesome CV

Your CV is your professional portfolio, and if it isn’t up to scratch then the chances of you getting hired are extremely slim. Start by making sure your information is concise, to the point and up-to-date. No one will employ you based on the medal you got for good behaviour in primary school. Here is a great guide to writing a successful CV.

Also keep in mind that your LinkedIn profile is incredibly important, as this is a professional network where you may well meet your future employer. Keep your profile looking sharp.

Look Everywhere

London is a hugely diverse city, and it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for jobs wherever you go. Check job magazines, forums and newspapers, and scour sources like Gumtree and other online job spaces too. New jobs will appear weekly.

Londoners are also not above putting up posts for jobs in their windows. So if you are looking for a pub job, a sales position or anything like that, simply keep your eyes open. Going in and asking about vacancies is also a pretty good avenue to take.

Network, Network and Network Some More

Meeting new people is the best way to open up avenues to new career opportunities. The more people you know, the more likely you are to succeed in finding a job. Network with people working in your industry and others that do something completely different to you – keep your options open.

Get Ready for Your Interview

Be prepared for an interview with the right questions to ask, and practice answering things that they are likely to swing your way. Research the company and find out as much about the role as you can.

Nail Your Interview

Dress to impress (appropriate for the job in question) and go into your interview with a healthy dose of confidence but not cockiness. If you have done your research and preparation then you should be able to nail your interview.

Register with a Recruiter

Many companies register their vacancies with recruitment agencies. Get your CV to a recruiter in a specialist agency and they will be able to match you up with a job that suits your qualifications and experience. It can really give you an edge over your competitor when you use a recruiter rather than going at it alone.

Be Prepared to Answer Calls and Emails

Once you have replied to a job ad or put one out there, then you need to be available to answer calls and emails at all times and without delay. It’s a competitive market! You don’t want to miss a call from a potential employer or leave an email unanswered for days.

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Brittnay was an HR professional in London before making the move to Dublin. Now she is a consultant who spends her time exploring the beautiful canals, food and beaches of Dublin.


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