10 Awesome Jobs for Christmas


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the most expensive time of the year. With gifts to buy for all the family, tempting food and parties galore your pockets can certainly get a lot lighter!

While Christmas is a good time to start searching for a new permanent job, there are also plenty of temporary roles round that can give your bank balance a boost during the festive season. Plus, who wouldn’t want a Christmas-related job?

We’ve rounded up some of the most awesome Christmas jobs for you to consider!

1. Santa Claus


Can you pull off a white beard? Santa’s grottos and shopping centres are calling out for Santa’s to bring some Christmas magic to children across the country. All you have to do is smile, wave and listen to what the little ones want for Christmas.

2. Santa’s Elves


If being the big man isn’t the best fit for you, there’s always the option of dressing up as one of his elves! You’ll get to wear a festive green outfit and help Santa with important duties like queue control and giving out presents.

3. Christmas Tree Designer


Do you have a creative streak? Do you love planning and perfecting your own Christmas tree? Believe it or not, people pay for that!

4. Mince Pie Chef


If you have a passion for baking, this could be the perfect Christmas job for you. The good news is you get to smell the delicious scent of baking mince pies every day. The downside is that you’re probably not allowed to eat the pies.

5. Ski Instructor


If you fancy a white Christmas then why not head to the mountains? There are plenty of roles available in ski resorts including being a ski instructor, tour guide and chalet host. You’ll feel super-Christmasy when you’re sipping your hot chocolate by the fire in a log chalet.

6. Turkey Plucker


Christmas isn’t the best time of year if you’re a turkey… But we like to eat them on Christmas day and that means that there are plenty of feathers to be plucked beforehand.

7. Christmas Cracker Joke Writer


The jokes in Christmas crackers aren’t the best, but someone’s got to write them. If you think you could do a better job of coming up with some original Christmas jokes (the bar isn’t set very high) then why not give it a try?

8. Lumberjack


This is a job that will carry you through every month of the year but Christmas time is especially busy. Who do you think cuts down all those Christmas trees? With approximately 7 million Christmas trees in homes across the UK, that’s a lot of work.

9. Reindeer Keeper


While we’re pretty sure Rudolph already has a reindeer keeper, there’s plenty of other reindeer out there that need looking after whilst they spread the Christmas cheer. It’s not the most glamorous of roles and may include preparing food, water and cleaning up poop. But if you love animals, it’s a great option!

10. Sprout Picker


Does anyone actually like sprouts? Love them or hate them, a Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without a few sprouts! A staggering 4billion sprouts are purchased in the UK in the week before Christmas. Someone’s got to pick them.


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