Best Secrets: How to Write A Successful Resume


Regardless of how qualified you are for the job, for you to be called for that job interview you have to send in your resume. A resume is what gives the hiring managers an overview of what you are capable of in case you get the job opportunity. Therefore, you must ensure that your CV is incredible and will capture their attention instantly. If you are not sure what to include in it, here are a few helpful tips.

Focus On Content

The common mistake that people do is focusing on formatting instead of the material. Although formatting your resume gives extra credit, it is not all that employers want to see from the paper. Additionally, many employers have automated applicant tracking systems that help vet resumes as they come in. The system does not scan on how you format your resume but rather the type of content it contains.

Use an Appropriate Headings

An appropriate headings for a CV varies from job to job. When writing, it is essential to let the employer know that you are aware of the type of job you are looking for. Additionally, the use of headings gives the reader focus while reading your resume. It gives them a convenient direction of what you are writing unlike when you keep it general. The best resume writers also understand how important headings are. Decent headings also help you to figure out what to write about and to ensure that what you describe is clear, direct and to the point.

Use Keywords

Keywords are common in almost any writing. Therefore, while writing your CV, it is important to include specific keywords to capture the attention of the reader. The use of keywords also helps you maintain focus on what is expected of you as well as guide you on what to write.

Keep It Short

When you feel highly qualified for a job, it gets difficult to write a brief resume. If this is your biggest problem, then it’s time to relax. Instead of writing long sentences and paragraphs about your qualifications and experience, use bullet points to indicate your set of qualifications. With bullet points, the reader will learn your job experience without having to scan through irrelevant text.

Your Contact Details

This might seem quite obvious, but some people send their resume without including their contact details. After you are through with your writing, go back and read through the entire paper to ensure your contacts details are accurately written. The resume will be of no use if it does not contain information on how the employer can reach you.


While working on your CV remember that it does not guarantee that you will get that job interview. However, the better you write it, the higher the chances that your potential employers will have a reason to contact you whenever they have an opening that requires your set of skills.


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