11 Career Experts All Job Seekers Need to Follow on Twitter


Twitter is a great platform to use professionally as well as socially. You can network, research potential employers, find jobs and get plenty of job hunting advice.

Great advice on how to conduct your job search, perfecting your CV and nailing interviews can be hard to come by (although we think we cover a good chunk with our job searching tips). We are always looking out for the people who are leading top discussions and offering great advice for job seekers.

We’ve put together a list of 11 career experts below so you know who to follow on Twitter in order to get the best job search advice.

1. @jamescaan | James Caan

2. @David_Shindler | David Shindler

3. @Aimee_Bateman | Aimee Bateman

4. @Absolutely_Abby | Abby Kohut

5. @GiraffeCVs | Lis McGuire

6. @EntryLevelRebel | Jessica Stillman

7. @StandOutCVTeam | StandOut CV

8. @CVLibrary | CV-Library

Top Tip: If you’re looking for a new role, be sure to upload your CV to CV-Library so that employers can get in touch with you about relevant jobs!

9. @UndercoverRec | Undercover Recruiter

10. @reedcouk | Reed

11. @CareerExpertsUK | CareerExperts

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