How to Prove You Are the Best Candidate for the Job


One of the biggest challenges every job seeker faces is standing out from their competition. There will usually be plenty of other candidates with the right experience for the role, so why should the recruiter think that you are the best?

Instead of focusing on how your experience sets you apart, you should think about how who you are will help you to stand out. That’s the secret to proving you are the best candidate for the job and the reason they will remember and hire you.

Here’s what you need to show your potential employer.

1. Your Resilience and Determination

Every job has its challenges and convincing your potential employer that you have the resilience and determination to overcome these will make you stand out.

Our business environments and industries are rapidly changing and being updated – they are complicated, somewhat unpredictable and can be intense. Employers want to hire people who can adapt and overcome challenges at work, without jumping ship. They want loyal employees who they can rely on.

Consider how you handle challenges and disappointments and sell yourself when attending interviews.

2. Your Passion

Are you passionate about what you do or is your job just a means of earning a paycheck? There may be another candidate who is just as capable as you to get the job done but being truly enthusiastic and passionate about your work will set you apart.

People naturally warm to and like people who love and enjoy what they do. In fact, many employers would favour passion over having more experience because, in the long run, you will make a bigger impact on their company.

3. Your Cultural Fit

Having the right skills and experience is one thing, but being a good fit culturally is becoming increasingly important for employers. They are looking for someone who can seamlessly fit into their team and thrive in their workplace.

When you have an interview, bear in mind that the employer will be trying to imagine how you will integrate with their team and company culture. You should do your research and show them that you share the values and qualities that the company has. If mentoring is important to them, talk about how receptive you are to feedback and learning or share an example of a time when you have been a mentor.

Showing the employer that you are a great fit for their company will elevate you above the competition and help convince them you are the right person to hire.

Bringing it all together

If you want to prove that you are the best candidate for the job, then you need to believe it and sell it. Be ready to talk about the great qualities you have and the traits you possess that set you apart. They may even ask you, “Why should we hire you?”, so make sure you are ready to tell them.


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  1. Prepare a 45-60 second outline of the features of your capabilities and experience. Make certain to incorporate why you are searching for another position. It ought to be so well-practiced that it doesn’t seem like it’s well-practiced. Go huge picture and be energetic yet brief. Be proficient however show your character.
    Also make a list of your practical skills and prepare to justify them.

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